Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wii U Preview!

So in case you haven't heard, Nintendo announced at E3 yesterday their revolutionary new console, the Wii U. While we don't have a ton of information on the actual console, we did get to learn a bunch about the new controller. There are a handful of new features, which was taken differently among the entire gaming community. What exactly are these features?

It's-a Mini-me!

  For starters, there's a tablet.  Containing a 6.2" screen built-in, this bad boy is more than ready to be the next big thing.  Tablets and touchscreens are already all the rage, so this is definitely a step in the right direction it seems.

  Inside this tablet-like controller, there's many new things, which seems a bit similar to a DSi.  There's a camera on top, a gyroscope (probably for tilt sensory,) a rumble feature, two analog pads, the traditional + Control Pad, a microphone, your normal A/B/X/Y buttons, as well as L/R/ZL/ZR buttons.  That's a mouthful, isn't it?
Best Controller? Or Bestest Controller?

  So what is so great about all these features? For starters, they work with the Mother Console, Wii U. The console itself finally has the ability to output at 1080p, currently the highest resolution possible by our current mainstream television standards. Wii U also features an as-of-yet-announced multi-core microprocessor, and AMD-based High Definition GPU, hopefully something to combat, if not outdo, the PS3 for graphics and power. Hopefully they also try to bring in some 3-D output for those lucky enough to own a 3D television, because it really is a unique experience playing a video game in the third dimension.
Behold, we, you.

  Not only does Wii U do all of this, but it is also backwards compatible with your curent Wii games and accessories.  Hopefully there will be a way to get these to work with the new controls via updates online and such, because Mario Kart Wii for the Wii U would be perfect!

 The next big thing is the way the controller interacts with the console.  Say you're playing a game and your family member/significant other wants to watch something?  Simply let them change the channel, and voila! you can continue playing the same game on the tablet screen!  How awesome is that? So awesome, they cranked it up to 11.

  Even if someone else isn't changing the channel, the screen can also be used for other things in-game.  Say you're playing an RPG and don't like to continually bring up your item screen?  It's already there on the touch screen.  That's awesome for all hardcore gamers, and definitely for the casual!  I'm guessing it can also be used to show maps, as well as other details that one would want to see.

  Okay, so that's really cool and all, but what if you wanna play a game just on the controller?  You can! There were a couple of games that are on there, such as Hide and Seek Mii, where you try to find someone's Mii hidden in a maze, and Dots!  Just lay the controller on the table, and there you go! You're ready to play!

  All of this, and you aren't even done with the small bits of information we have regarding Wii U!   You can video chat also, using the camera! And it looks a bit lag-free but there's not a whole lot of information regarding all of this, so we will see in due time.  I'm sure the camera will also double for Augmented Reality use, because we all know that'd be awesome!

As for the starting video game line-up, we have lots of exciting titles!  Darksiders 2, Dirt, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Tekken, and Metro: Last Light.  All these combined with New Super Mario Bros. Mii.  We can expect more in the coming months leading up to the mid-to-late 2012 year!

So, how do you feel about all of this?  Are you excited for Wii U? Do you think Wii U will outdate the PS3 and Xbox 360, or is it too close to call yet? Post a comment and tell me below!


  1. if i have a wii game for the current wii, can i use it for the new wii as well?

  2. Yes, you will be able to use it for the Wii-U, according to Nintendo.

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  3. What is the E3 convention?

  4. I'm extremely excited for the Wii U. Really wish there was a release date on it, though. xO It looks absolutely amazing!

  5. wii u is the nintendo version of the sony ps vita. the vita has better technology for a lower price,just trying to save people money.