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The Red Solstice is Definitely A Game-Changer

Screw P. Diddy, we want to wake up in the morning feeling like this guy!

Remember earlier when we talked about the Future of Gaming?  Well, here's what's shaping up to be the first step giant leap for game-kind.  We give our thoughts on the upcoming game and even sit down for a chat with Ironward Games' Hrvoje Horvatek.  He's got some great things to say about what's shaping up to be one of the greatest team games.

The Red Solstice is made by Ironward Games' and looks fan-freakin'-tastic!  This upcoming team-based strategic action shooter is reminiscent of Warcraft, although that is a HUGE understatement.  It is taking part in bringing gaming to a new level.

The game features a number of innovations that other developers should have put in a long time ago. Dynamic light systems, specialized team co-op with a great single player, all-new ailment system, and randomized lighting to ensure that each restart needs a different tactic plan.

You'll really need your minds in full swing if you want to master this upcoming game, too.  Scarce resources and a "cannot carry all" system will have you being extremely frugal with your ammo.  Not to mention that you will never know when and where an enemy will show up:  they can dig and burrow, revive other monsters and bosses, break your limbs and even posion you.  This game takes no prisoners.

When starting up a round, you'll need to be sure to choose your armor and weapon mix.  Different armor will be needed for each level, so make sure you know what you're heading in to. It will be the biggest factor in whether or not you and your team survive.

After perusing the site, especially the bestiary and about portion, we had some questions that Hrvoje gladly answered about their soon to be released epic game.  Stay tuned after the interview for the gameplay trailer!

I was looking over the game innovations and I’ve got to say, I am really impressed on what the Red Solstice is going to bring to gaming!  What made you develop these for your strategy action shooter?

Red Solstice is based on Warcraft 3 custom map, called Night of the Dead: Special Ops that was created by one of team members. The legacy of those kind of maps is around 8 years old and it’s one of most demanding cooperative custom maps that existed. W3 had many limitations and the map itself had great potential and as there was no similar game on the market. So we decided it’s time to bring something new to the market J
What are some of the team’s favorite strategy games?
Warcraft 2/3, Starcraft 1/2, Civilization 5
In terms of difficulty, is it safe to say that towards the end it will require extremely thought-out team strategies unlike we’ve seen before?  How so?
Idea is that, even that team is required to be thought-out, each class in the game can do part of the job of the other class, so in the end, you will for example need a great medic, but if medic dies, you can use other resources to maintain health of your team. You need to learn to adapt to game environment, which means, if you lose recon, you will have to find enough skilled player in team, no matter which class he is, to take part of the recon role. Of course he won’t be able to do it as good as recon can, but cooperation and communication between team members is essential to survive.
Red Solstice provides a new approach to strategies, you need to learn to plan and think ahead, because that’s the only way to survive, you need to plan your route, anticipate movement of enemy, get information which enemy is coming, and find a suitable way to deal with it. Having always almost no resources like bullets which are your number one resources makes game harder too, it gives that feeling of fear like “what if I run out of bullets?”.
Example of strategy: Find a suitable building, bring supplies there, place explosives in crucial areas, use explosives on high priority targets until boss comes, make sure you have NUKE to kill off boss before he reaches team, use someone to light up the area so you can spot the boss, defeat the boss using nuke without killing your team due to nuke radius, if everything above fails, make sure the building you are in has some exit, so you can retreat and reorganize to try and take that boss before he reaches team.
We saw the Slasher on the bestiary page.  What is Project F.L.U.F.F.Y.?
You’ll have to find more details through the game story, it’s connected with all the mess that’s happening in the story J, all we can say at the moment is that opens new challenges and modes. Modes called “fluffy hunt” and similar other challenges J
How much time has been put into this game? It looks like years of hard work and dedication to get those models and innovations in.
We’ve been working on it for around 2.5 years, it took much longer than we expected, but in the end we’re happy how it will turn out, it gets better every day, and i don’t regret any time invested in game, it really has potential to be great, we have entirely different approach to these type of games and we’re hoping this kind of game will bring more similar games to the market, so far no one tried to make something like this.

We can’t wait to get our hands (and brains) wrapped around this game! Any word on a release date?
All we can say now we plan to ship in 1st quarter of 2012 J

Here is the gameplay trailer you've been waiting for!  Check it out; it's sure to please!

You can find more about The Red Solstice at their website.

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