Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guitar Hero: It F$@%king Rocks!

Seeing as the Guitar Hero franchise is currently on hiatus, I think it is more than necessary to give credit to one of the most-loved video games of the past decade.

Guitar Hero started out to a hard-hitting launch in November of 2005, scoring above 90% on multiple reviews. While containing only 47 songs compared to the 90+ songs on current music-related games, this was huge. And while only being $69.99 for a game and a Gibson SG peripheral! It was amazing, the feeling anyone got while picking up the plastic guitar and hitting the multi-colored buttons. Not all was fine and dandy with the gameplay, as many of the "hammer-ons" and "pull-offs" required to hit many fast parts in the game simply didn't work.

This was quickly changed in the release of Guitar Hero II on the PlayStation 2. The buttons worked smoothly, the guitar was still great as ever, and the songs got HARDER. The thrill that is achieved after working so hard to hit all of the rainbows of notes that showered down the screen is one that is not soon forgotten. Guitar Hero took off even farther, and the reviews showed no signs of stopping.

Then came the magic that is known as Guitar Hero III. Known by most gamers as the best of the Guitar Hero franchise, the songs were ultimately the hardest anyone had seen. Even hearing the title "Through the Fire and Flames" sends shivers down many gamers backs, thinking of the hours spent failing at just 2% of the song completed. Still, the game had gained a large cult following and many were ready and willing to buy anything and everything Guitar Hero-related.

Let's not forget about the spin-offs and sequels, which I contribute as the sole purpose of Guitar Hero's demise. Guitar Hero: Rocks the 80's was a great game, but only had 30 songs and still released at $50.00! How ridiculous! It's a good game, but it's not worth that much for a smaller spin-off.

Then came Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, which was based after the great classic artist. GH:A showed how much could be done on these games, and what could happen. What COULD happen differed greatly from what actually DID happen, though as game after game was released with little-to-no improvement gameplay wise.

Guitar Hero: World Tour, Guitar Hero: Metallica, Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, Guitar Hero Smash Hits, Band Hero, DJ Hero, DJ Hero 2, Guitar Hero: On Tour (three different versions!), multiple phone games, and the Guitar Hero Carabiner. All of this within two years. That's a little ridiculous, and it definitely did milk the franchise for as much as they could.

Death loomed above Guitar Hero, waiting for it to pluck it's last string. Activision tried one last time to revive the series: Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock.

GH:WoR is the best game they made, in my opinion. It was fun, challenging, and had a ton of replay value. It seemed like the company took their time on the game, and made it into something people would love. However, this proved to not be enough as they only sold a dismal 200,000 units.

Not long after, Guitar Hero posted on their Facebook that the tour was coming to an end. There may be a glimpse of Guitar Hero in the near future, but we can only hope for now. Hopefully they've learned their lesson, and we'll be getting some quality games, not a quantity of games. I raise my axe to you, Guitar Hero!

You know you nostalgia'd! Get your rock on!

How about you? Should they come back? Or just let is lie as it is?


  1. Hey there Geek,

    I jumped on this band wagon when Guitar Hero 3 first came out and I couldn't get enough of it. I do think that it was their best to date, but I haven't bothered playing anything Guitar Hero after purchasing the Metallica version. I love the Metallica version but it could have been better. It's a shame that they decided to milk the franchise as opposed to evolving the it. Rock Band did it right by offering "track packs" as opposed to new games and even now the Rock Band Network is growing and downloads are plenty. I don't think Guitar Hero is on hiatus... I think it's dead, my friend. RIP GH! Later.

  2. @Metallman

    Ahh yes, Metallica was really good. I'll never forget the slow-motion opening when they come out on stage. Rock Band did do it right and it seems their upgrades keep the community happy: new peripherals, song packs, constant weekly downloads, and new gameplay elements are a must nowadays.

    But yes, I think it is dead unfortunately. But, I still have hope with Rock Band 3. Pro Mode is amazing! And then Rocksmith will be coming out soon and that seems very promising!