Thursday, October 6, 2011

Comedy Is A Myth For Geek Mythology

Here at Geek Preview!, we love all movies equally (except you, Green Lantern.)  We love our high-budget super-mainstream flicks and our low-budget "red-headed stepchild" indie films. But where does Phil Hwang's Geek Mythology lie?

Geek Mythology is about a young man named Tim who wants nothing more than to be a ladies' man.  He tries everything, and is extremely desperate.  He notices that his neighbor, a hairy fat man, gets all the chicks and asks him the secret.  Tim then finds out it's the "Ooji Booji" or something like that.  This mystical, phallus-shaped mini-statue is the source of all that gets hormone's a-ragin' and could be the key to Tim's problems.

Let me start by saying:  this is an independent film.  However, that shouldn't be a cop out for quality this low.  The entire film is very dark except for the outside parts, as if there was almost no lighting to make it seem like less of a home movie.  The sound mixing was terrible, and at some points the audio wasn't synced with the video and the music overpowered the voices at some points.

The story was a bit blech, but had the potential to be hilarious and should have been rewritten or at least been given a couple of looks over. The premise is pretty solid and interesting, but when it gets going, it goes downhill.

The acting was not the best I've seen, although frontman Gregg Martin, who played geeky Tim, did an excellent job.  You may have heard him, as I've found out that he played the voice of Lord Nasher in Neverwinter Nights 2 and also did the voice of Jack Swift in Red Dead Revolver.  Gregg's jokes and timing were great, and you can tell that some real talent is there.

As for the rest of the crew, I wish I could say as much.  Many overacted and even underacted.  The entire project seems like it could have used some nurturing and it could potentially become a cult classic.  As for now, it'll stay tucked away and hopefully just become a part of Geek Mythology.

Here's the deal:  do you love movies, and want to judge this work for yourself?  You have the chance! I have two extra copies of Geek Mythology, given to me by Phil Hwang himself, to give away IF YOU DARE! MWAHAHAH!

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  1. Hi Frank,

    I wanted to let your readers know that Geek Mythology can be viewed on YouTube for free and the experience may be much better. In fact, YouTube has it in it's featured section and the film is garnering far better reactions than in its DVD format which is a topic worth exploring unto itself.

    Phil Hwang

  2. Hi Phil

    Thank you. I will view the YouTube version and edit the post for comments. Thank you very much!

    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  4. I tweeted, but I can't seem to find you on twitter to follow. It said:"user does not exist"

  5. I liked you on facebook.(Donna Kozar)

  6. I found it Donna! We recently got Twitter to let us use @GeekPreview. Someone took the name not long after we were created. We've tweeted you back. Only 25 minutes left; it seems that we might have a very, VERY small outcome for this one!