Monday, October 10, 2011

Are Tablets Here to Stay?

Everyone knows about tablets, majorly thanks to Apple's highly-successful major product that's in the hands of everyone and their grandmother.  They are useful for everything from gaming to working, but will they stay in touch in the future?

Tablets can help teach
children with disabilities.

Let's start by comparing all of the useful aspects of tablets:

  • They're great for getting work done.
  • They've revolutionized entertainment and portability.
  • They are almost a must-have for college students.
  • Tablets can help teach children and the mentally disabled.
  • Tablets change the way some daily tasks are done.
I was ecstatic when I got my Samsung Galaxy Tablet in the mail. As soon as I opened it, I found out about the gloriousness of Angry Birds.  Hey, don't judge me, it's inevitable.  I found that it opened me to a totally different gaming platform, and a hugely underrepresented one at that. Not too long after, I found an even greater use for it.

My college courses started to weigh in on me, and it was a hassle to have to read my screenplays for my class on the computer when I got finished classes.  Well, I'm damn glad I had my tablet, because I found that it's simple to add them to my device and read them on the go. That definitely helped out.

Textbooks are extremely convenient
Then, this opened the study/work world of tablet up even further for me.  I found that you can add textbooks to your tablet, and read them that way! You can search in the book, organize by chapter, read and write notes and flashcards also!  This saves so much time, especially when combined with a bluetooth keyboard (which I didn't have, but I still sent the files to it via e-mail.)

I saw other students do the same thing.  They would add files, make spreadsheets, take notes, and overall it started to seem like a necessity.   But what good is this story?

This explains partially why I see the tablet staying for years to come.  It's light, it's ultra-portable.  They have screens that are the perfect size for reading or engaging in some entertainment, be it Netflix or Angry Birds or what-have-you.  This is only to be perfected as the years go on, so I don't think tablets will stay in touch in the future.  What do you think?

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