Monday, October 10, 2011

In Honor of Project Long Live Play, It's PaRappa The Rapper Time!

I remember when I first got my Playstation One on Christmas Day.  It was awesome!  It came with two equally awesome games: Namco Museum and PaRappa the Rapper.  I played these games like they were going out of style (the didn't, and never will, by the way.)  Namco Museum took up a bit of my time until I picked up the game with the hip hop dog on the cover.

I started the game up and I remember going through what I consider the best rhythm video game of all time.  If you aren't familiar with PaRappa, he's a rapping dog trying to win over the heart of a flower girl named Sunny Funny.  To do this, he learns to do different things through rapping.

All of the "teachers" you meet come with EXTREMELY catchy tunes.  You meet a Kung-Fu Dojo named Chop Chop Onion Master first.  He teaches you self-worth "Kick, Punch, It's All in the Mind!"  Then, Instructor Mooselini teaches you to drive a car "Step on the Gas! Step on the Break! Turn to the Right!"  Not to mention Cheap Cheap the Cooking Chicken, who teaches you to "Bake a Cake That Looks Rich!"

All of these instructors teach you different things so you can win over Sunny Funny.  I remember failing because I couldn't do so well, and that would have crazy results.  There was a ranking for each level of RAPPIN':

  • U RAPPIN' COOL - Keepin' it straight up hip-hop, yo.
  • U RAPPIN' GOOD - You pretty good, dawg.
  • U RAPPIN' BAD - That was sick.  I mean it made me sick.
  • U RAPPIN' AWFUL - Just stop.
The results for U RAPPIN' AWFUL would be ridiculous: a broken, swerving car, a horrible cake, etc. But if U RAPPIN' COOL, well, cool stuff happens (who would have guessed?)

I played this game for hours, and it reminds me of my childhood a lot.  Thank you, Sony. Thank you for the Playstation and helping my childhood to be AWESOME.


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