Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls Review: We Can't Resist Em'

Remember our pun-laden story about how ridiculous it is that people want Ben and Jerry's Schweddy Balls banned from stores?  Ben and Jerry's is known for their crazy pun-filled product names and their original combinations of flavors.  So how does their newest, limited batch flavor Schweddy Balls stand?

I have lots of favorite Ben and Jerry's flavors. They've got Chunky Monkey, which is like a banana split in a carton.  There's Clusterfluff, which an amazing Peanut Butter-Palooza.  Then they have AmeriCone Dream, my previous number one.  This all changed when I tried their newest flavor, Schweddy Balls, for our review.

The first thing we noticed is the awesome carton with the Ben & Jerry's cow wearing the Saturday Night Live sweatshirt, with headphones that Alec Baldwin's character Paul Schweddy wore. At this point, I couldn't wait any longer.  I had to open the package.

Inside was a delicious mix of malt balls and rum balls, sporadically placed within Vanilla Ice Cream.  The first bite I had put me on Cloud 9.  I was excited to eat it and it then exceeded my expectations.

After putting the spoon in my mouth I could taste how amazing the malt balls were.  I personally love malted milk balls, so it was a home run as far as I was concerned.  I then got to the rum balls, which had a really great taste, but it wasn't as good as the malt balls. The vanilla ice cream tasted like it had a bit of spice to it, thought I couldn't exactly tell what that extra flavor was.

OVERALL GRADE: 9.8 That would have been a perfect 10, but those rum balls weren't as great as they could have been.

Overall, it's a great ice cream and I'll definitely be picking it up again!  Have you tried their Schweddy Balls yet?  Let us know if you have and what you think or why you haven't yet in the comments below!


  1. The SNL skit was freakin' hilarious! I've been meaning to try Schweddy Balls but I just haven't gotten around to it. If Geek Preview is giving it a 9.8/10, then I MUST try it! Awesome review, my friend.

  2. Thanks, Metallman!

    It's a bit shorter than we'd like it to be, but the awesomeness of the ice cream is just so overwhelming. I can honestly say I'm drooling right now.

    Tell you what, I've been looking for some input: do you think that we should keep our breakdown, do more thorough reviews, or keep it a mix as we have done recently?