Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Love Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls: An Opinion

Yes, you heard me right.  I love Schweddy Balls.  I'll scream it out windows, on buses, from rooftops!  Alec Baldwin played Pete Schweddy brilliantly, and his balls were the most perfect balls I've ever seen in my life.  Of course, I am talking about his different holiday foods, such as pretzel balls, fudge balls, cheese balls, etc.  I don't have a problem with Schweddy Balls, but some people out there absolutely hate them.

This makes me extremely mad.  Schweddy Balls might make some people uncomfortable, but that's no reason to hate Schweddy Balls.  For those out there bashing it:  have you tried Schweddy Balls?  Schweddy Balls may just be the best thing you've ever put in your mouth!  Here's the down low on their Schweddy Balls:

Vanilla Ice Cream with a Hint of Rum & Loaded with Fudge Covered Rum & Malt Balls

Yeah, their Schweddy Balls really is a mouthful, but it sounds so great! I'm drooling right now just thinking of it.  Honestly, it's too bad people are so against stores carrying Schweddy Balls.

I am making it my duty to go out and find some.  After all, Karamel Sutra is great day after day but I think I'm in the mood for Schweddy Balls lately.  I might be out there in a Clusterfluff one day.  The next I'm living the Americone Dream with some Schweddy Balls inside of me!

Fair Goodness Cake people!  Step off of Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls, please!  It's just a little Late Night Snack, after all.  Most of you are getting so upset over a name! I'm begging you, Imagine Whirled Peace.  It's not worth it to get so riled up about something and honestly, Jamaican Me Crazy!

I do also see it from the other point of view, though.  If they do this, what will they do next?  Maybe Ben & Jerry's are Half-Baked off of some Magic Brownies.

Let's all just chill out, people.  You, me and the rest of you Chunky Monkeys and Chubby Hubbys out there.  Let's all sit down and put their Schweddy Balls in our mouths. After all, it could be worse couldn't it?

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