Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Vuzix Gives Us A Virtual Reality Check!

Entertainment has been evolving sevenfold as of the last 5 years.  HDTV then turned into 3DTV, which is sure to change in the next couple of years.  How will it change, though?  Putting you into the movie, show, or game.  This is possible with the next level of entertainment, Virtual Eyewear.
Vuzix is a company that focuses on these types of eyewear and boy are they something!  There's a number of different products they make.  Here's the info:

There are a number of different types of eyewear they sell.  Personal use, augmented reality, and military glasses are the main focus here.  Each one comes with its own perk and can be used for different settings.

The military glasses, also known as Tac-Eye products, are extremely helpful on the battlefield.  When a soldier wears the glasses, one frame has a small monitor attached that shows video feed from somewhere else.  You might be watching an unmanned vehicle, the enemy base, your base, or even your back.  Talk about amazing, right?

The augmented reality products, known as Star or maxReality products, can be used to help push the boundaries of your virtual reality applications.  While wearing the glasses, the app on your iPad can project a 3D hologram of sorts, which will be right in front of your face.  The only added feature that would enhance this would be what the Holodesk can do, but we're not picky!

Finally we have the personal use glasses.  These bad boys are really a force to be reckoned with.  They allow you to simply put on the glasses and immerse yourself in the world your watching.  Currently, the glasses work with iPhones and iPads, some tablets, and, more importantly, PS3, Xbox 360, and TVs!

The Wrap 1200VR are probably the most badass of them all.  The Wrap allows the user to simply put on the sunglass-style glasses and see a "projected" image from 10 feet in front of them.  Oh, and did we mention that the image is the equivalent of a 75-foot screen?  We thought you'd enjoy that.

Using the glasses, you can move your head almost 35 degrees and see the image from what would be your television screen.  You can enjoy the comfort of watching a movie or playing your favorite video game and totally immerse yourself in the environment.  Soon, we're going to need a reality check.

The glasses portray the image and they also come with headphones attached.  This can give you a totally different gaming experience than we've ever thought possible.  In fact, we're pretty sure this is exactly what we want, but we might opt for the $199 version.

Would you use these?  Check Vuzix out and let us know!

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