Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Holodesk is Hella Awesome!

Microsoft recently announced their newest invention and technological innovation, the Holodesk.  Using the kinect camera and a see-through display, the Holodesk allows you to interact with 3D objects.  Pretty soon we'll be living Star Wars, guys!
While it's just being tested right now you can obviously see the potential the Holodesk has.  Interactive games and an incredible learning feature are some of the first things that comes to my mind.  It can definitely be used to teach children to count and do simple mathematics.

Interactive books would be pretty awesome, too.  While the iPad has some interactive e-books, we're sure the Holodesk can fully bring them to life.

Instead of our continuous babbling, how about you look at the video?  Check out what's sure to be the future of technology!

Do you think this is innovative and useful, or just a passing novelty?

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