Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#ERoundup: How Does BAZI Stack Up?

Our Energy Review Roundup commences!  We are starting with the all-natural BAZI energy shot.  But what exactly is BAZI?

BAZI calls themself the all-natural energy shot, and believe us that it is 100% natural.  BAZI is a mixture of 8 superfruit extracts.  Yes, you heard correctly, 8 superfruits!  These superfruits give an excellent source of vitamins and energy which not only helps your body, but it helps your mind as well!  What superfruits, you ask? How about?

  • Jujube - BAM! How about that Ziziphus Zizyphus (It's acutal name!)
  • Acai Berry - Hell to the yes!  The famous Acai, all up in your fruits!
  • Goji - This berry does EVERYTHING you've ever wanted.
  • Pomegranate - Who doesn't like some Pomegranate every now and then?
  • Blueberry - Violet! You're turning violet, Violet!
  • Chokeberry -A giant boost of Vitamin C!
  • Raspberry - Talk about delicious!
  • Seabuckthorn - Even more Vitamin C!
There you have it! Tons of natural sources for vitamins and minerals that ALSO give you an added boost of energy.  We're excited, and you should be too!

Packaging - The small, 2-ounce bottle is red and gives off a very fruity vibe.  The 8 superfruits are all over the front and it looks like it contains a sweet, sweet fruit juice.  Upon seeing the bottle, we couldn't wait to open it!

Taste - When we opened it, we were surprised to see the inside.  At this point, you know that it's all-natural.  I'm pretty sure if I went to the trouble to find all of these superfruits, which I image is no easy task, and then juice them all into one bottle it would look EXACTLY like this.

It doesn't look that appetizing, and it took me a while to gather up the gumption to shoot it down.  Afterwards, I shouldn't have been so nervous because it honestly didn't taste bad.  It was fruity and pretty tasty.  I'm not a big health nut, but this could sure make me one!


After taking just one shot of BAZI energy, I felt deeply energized.  I was ready to take the world by the horns!  I felt as if I could do everything --- all at once!  I finished all of my work in a timely fashion and the energy lasted for hours.  It didn't give me a jittery feeling, either.  It was a calm sort of energy that is a rare experience with energy shots and drinks in general.


After taking BAZI, I was extremely attentive.  My mind wasn't bouncing all over the place, and I felt that the focus was extremely natural.  I finished my work, then did school work, then played a video game.  All of that calming energy helped me focus like I never had been able to do before, and it really made a difference:
  • Studied better and comprehended questions better: I got an A on my Midterm.
  • I could concentrate better on Call of Duty:  A better killstreak and a higher score.
  • I could read and comprehend better than on a regular old energy shot.
  • I breezed through test questions without a problem.


BAZI did everything I wanted and more!
  • Better, stronger focus? CHECK.
  • All natural; better for you? CHECK.
  • Constant energy with no crash? CHECK.
The only disadvantage and the only drawback would be the look of the shot.  It's hard to get past that at first, but after that it's a breeze.

What are you waiting for?  Go find BAZI and get the energy you deserve!  You can find BAZI in any place that energy shots are sold.

Find BAZI on TwitterFacebookYouTube, or at their website: http://www.drinkbazi.com/

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I'd like to take the time now to thank BAZI for sponsoring us and allowing us to use their product and its likeness in our Energy Review Roundup. Thank you, BAZI!

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