Monday, October 31, 2011

ZipFizz: Be An Energy Scientist!

Stand back folks, I'm about to try science!  How, you ask? ZipFizz!

ZipFizz is a healthy energy supplement that comes in two ways: energy shots and drink mix.  We have had the pleasure of trying some for our Energy Review Roundup!  But what makes ZipFizz stand out from the crowd so much?
Science never looked better.

Before answering that question, we'd like to talk about the energy shots, which can be seen with their drink mixes to the left.  The only thing missing is the empty bottle of fruit punch ZipFizz I seem to have misplaced.

The grape and fruit punch flavors tasted just as their names stated.  While there was not "bite,"  They did have a horrible after taste I found.  It was powdery and almost medicinal-like.  I didn't feel that much energy from them, and I did yawn quite a bit.  However, this was not the case for their powdered drink mix.  This is how science happens:

Packaging:  The shots look like it's a chrome bottle, which is really great, but I think the awesomeness lies in what I dub the "test tubes."  These tubes are multi-colored spectacles and are a force to be reckoned with. They also conveniently fit in your pockets, although we haven't tried test tube holders, yet.

Taste:  There are five different flavors to concoct inside of these tubes.  Here's our analysis of each one (using the scientific method, of course!)  These are in order starting with our favorite:
  • Orange Soda - Who loves Orange Soda? We love Orange Soda!  It tastes just like a bottle of orange soda, and it's spot on!  The best flavor of the bunch.  Is it true? We do we do we do-oo!
  • Pink Lemonade - Tastes freshly squeezed, although it comes out of the tube.  It's crisp, especially when put within a cold bottle of water.  Plus, that carbonation adds an extra kick.
  • Citrus - I thought this tasted like lemonade, or a stronger 7UP.  It was pretty good, but it wasn't amazing.  Especially compared to the Pink Lemonade.
  • Grape - Tasted like grape Kool-Aid.  Only with carbonation. It was pretty good, and I'm not a big fan of grape.  It wasn't very strong, though and tasted kind of water, even though we made sure to mix it with the same amount as it said.
  • Berry - I usually like Berry and found this tasting pretty bad.  I'm not sure which berry (or berries) they were trying to make this taste like, but I didn't like it.

Energy Level: HIGH  It gave me a good boost of energy, but it's a shaky kind of energy.  My hands weren't very calm.  My eyes kept darting around the room and I felt the need to look at every noise that is made.  I stayed awake for a long time and there wasn't a crash, and I wasn't put through hell trying to wake up the next morning which is awesome!

Focus: LOW  I found myself not being able to focus on much.  I was very jittery and continually had to look every time a noise was made.  My hands were shaky and my mind was all over the place.

OVERALL GRADE: C  While the test tube ZipFizz proved to be an excellent source of energy, although with almost no focus, the energy shots did not.  I enjoyed mixing the energy drinks with my water and they were very tasty, but they were the only ones.  Some of the flavors weren't that great and some were amazing.

You can find ZipFizz on Facebook, Twitter, or at their website.

What do you think of ZipFizz?  Would you like to "try science" as we did?  Let us know on Twitter @GeekPreview and use the hashtag #ERoundup!

I'd like to take the time to thank Ashley from ZipFizz for allowing us to use their products for our Energy Review Roundup.  It was a fun experience using such a different product to compare to the other energy drinks.  Thank you.


  1. I love Zipfizz! It is very weird that you experienced jitters while drinking Zipfizz. I know all other energy drinks give me jitters beyond control, but never Zipfizz. I have been using Zipfizz for years, and have never had jitters from it. Did you drink them all at once? That could be why got jitters.

  2. I did not drink all five of them at once, but I did try all 5 flavors. I tried a little bit of each one during a day compare each flavor back-to-back. Could this have been the cause of jitters?

    I drank the Orange Soda flavor all at once and still felt the jitters. It wasn't as extreme as the day I tried the small bit back-to-back but they were still there.

  3. I love Zipfizz and drink it everyday and was looking for a holder and could not find any.

    So I started making these NEW Holders for Zipfizz tubes.