Saturday, November 12, 2011

Top 5 Craziest Conspiracies!

Everyone loves a good story now and again.  Conspiracies and their conspiracy theorists are always pushing the envelope of what is going on under the nose of the general public.  They create some of the craziest stories and then try to tell us it's true.  We've heard our fair share of them and now we've got the top five!  Bet you can't find anything crazier!

5)  The Montauk Project / Philadelphia Experiment

The Story:  The government has been working special cases that deal with mind control and bending the laws of... well, everything.  According to conspiracy theorists, the Montauk Project consisted of the government training psychics to control your mind.  Then we have the Philadelphia Experiment, where scientists bent the laws of physics and rendered an entire boat invisible for a short time, hurting and killing the crew on board.  Pretty crazy, eh?

4) Chemtrails

The Story:  Fairly simple.  See those jets flying super fast in the sky and leaving the clouds behind because they're moving faster than the speed of sound?  That's not clouds; it's chemicals.  The government wants to spray the population for unknown reasons.  Or they're putting it on the crops.  Who knows?

3) Digital Television

The Story:  The government made you switch to digital television.  Would this be because it's easier and more convenient?  Maybe it gives you a  better quality picture?  No, it's because they put cameras and microphones in the box sets to keep you from doing what you want.  They apparently have time to watch every single person on earth.  Think about that while you're watching Big Brother.

2) Reptilians or Reptoloids

The Story:  Apparently, there's tons of people out there who are not who you think they are.  In fact, they're part of an underground group of reptile-humanoids that can shape-shift at any time.  Somehow they're related to aliens.  And they run the world.  Sorry Beyonce, but apparently girls do not run the world.

1)  KFC Makes Black Males Impotent

The Story:  According the legend, the Ku Klux Klan owned KFC and the Colonel Sanders was actually in the KKK.  With their help, they devised a secret formula that would make only black males impotent.  This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life.  You can make your own comments on this one!

Runner Up: Bob Marley's Death

The Story:   Bob Marley was given a pair of boots from someone.  The boots had a copper wire that jabbed him in the toe, causing the cancer.  Or maybe an unknown doctor gave him a shot in the toe after a football game. These are two equally "believable" stories as to how he died.  You know it's a bad conspiracy when you can't decide which conspiracy it is.

Which did you think was the craziest, or do you know of a crazier one? Tell us below!

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