Monday, November 14, 2011

Mountain Dew Game Fuel: Tropical Review

With the release of any new game or movie comes promotional items, and boy do they come in waves.  With video games, though, most of these promotions are through food and drink.  Now, with the GINORMOUS release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Mountain Dew has released their newest edition of Game Fuel, their gamer-oriented drink of choice.

We’ve seen Mountain Dew’s Game Fuel before when it was World of Warcraft-inspired and once when it was Halo inspired.  With the success of Game Fuel then, it’s no surprise that it’s back and ready to “Search and Destroy” all other gamer drinks out there.  But does the newest drink flavor Capture the Flag?

We found the new flavor sitting cozily next to our personal favorite flavor, Voltage.  Surrounded by the array of drinks in the cooler, it still caught our eye.  We couldn't help but buy a bottle and wanted nothing more t just gulp it all down.   But enough chit-chat, let’s get the breakdown started:

Packaging: The bottle has the same colors as we’re used to in call of duty: dark green, light green, and black.  It stands out from the other bottles around it, even though the others are a rainbow of different colors.  In huge letters across the top of the bottle are the words “Call of Duty MW3.”  That way, you can’t mistakenly think it’s for some other game.  Oh, and don’t forget about the Double XP under the cap!

Look / Flavor: The drink was a dark green and totally different from any other color of liquid I’ve seen yet.   It also has a very distinct flavor.  The only problem is:  what the hell is “tropical?”  All types of companies market flavors as “tropical” but there’s so many tropical fruits, why don’t they be more specific?  I guess it works, though, because it is kind of “tropical,” but then again I’ve never been to the tropics in my life.  Make no mistake, this Game Fuel is really tasty.  I almost prefer it over Voltage.  Almost.

Fuel Level: About the same as any other Mountain Dew.  If you’re looking for energy, you should really drink an energy drink.  Our choice is WildLife Energy (it won our Energy Review Roundup!)  If you’re looking for fuel, you shouldn’t drink that.  It goes in your car.  Plus, it’s pretty expensive.

Willingness to Buy Again: High. It has a really great taste, and it’s something I would definitely drink while gaming.  It’s smooth.  It’s also “tropical.”

Is it Better Than Green Lantern: Yes.

Overall Grade (now out of a 10-point scale!):  8.7  While the Packaging set it apart from the other drinks, we didn’t understand the “tropical” part of the flavor.  It doesn’t have any extra “oomph” in terms of “Fuel level,” but the “rebuyability” is extremely high for us.  While it’s not worth much, it is better than Green Lantern.

As an added bonus, when you type in the codes underneath the caps of these bottles, you can get anywhere from 15 - 90 minutes of Double Experience on Modern Warfare 3, as well as a chance towards some sick prizes.  All you have to do is go to to check it out (which I definitely recommend!)

Have you tried it yet?  What do you think of Game Fuel let us know below! 

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