Monday, October 24, 2011

H.E.D. Is One Seriously High Energy Drink!

H.E.D. is certainly a very different energy drink in the fact that it's so simple.  H.E.D. (High Energy Drink) seems like something you'd see someone drink in a TV show or commercial for the name alone.  Add in the simple can design and you have what seems to be the perfect product placement.  But does it stop at simplicity or bring a new level to energy drinks as it seems by its name?

Packaging:  It's extremely simple.  In that sense, it's brilliant.  You'd expect this to be used in a movie in place of a "famous" product, or placed in a cartoon or TV show.  Simplicity is awesome.

Taste:  When I first smelled H.E.D., I immediately thought: Red Bull.  I said it exactly like in The Shining. Replace the knife with the can and you had my exact thoughts.  The taste was great.  It wasn't too bitter, and it was rather sweet for an energy drink, something that I've only found accomplished in full-size drink form by the Blue Demon Full Throttle.  While it wasn't fruity, it still had a Red Bull taste.

Regardless of my previous ramblings, I made the face on the right and then did what any other sane person would do: I compared it to freaking Red Bull.  I found H.E.D. to be sweeter than Red Bull.  While we are all used to Red Bull's "bite," H.E.D. had less bite, but it might just make you bark.

Energy Level: EXTREMELY HIGH  I drank the energy drink and within 10 minutes I could feel its effect pouring out of me.  This is almost a literal statement as I did go to the bathroom numerous times throughtout the day, despite drinking less than I normally would.

I drank H.E.D. at approximately 9:30 AM and I didn't go to sleep until about 2 AM.  That is a ridiculous amount of energy for one small can.  You can feel it wearing you down around the 12-hour mark.  Still, H.E.D. keeps up to its name!

Focus: AVERAGE  I didn't feel any more focused than I usually do, but I didn't feel any less focused.  It pumped me up, but I only moved faster.

OVERALL GRADE:  B+  The energy level is high and it tastes amazing.  It might be me, but the energy level is really high.  That name should be the warning label.  If it wasn't for the crash, H.E.D. would have gotten an A.  In the words of Fall Out Boy, "It tastes like Bull, only sweeter."  They did say that, right?

You can find more about H.E.D. at their website:  or on their Facebook.

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I'd like to thank Scott from Tweaker Energy!  Thank you for letting us use H.E.D. in our Energy Review Roundup!  Next up is Tweaker!

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