Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gadget Geek: 1st Edition!

Everything from camcorders to electronic xylophones can and probably will be included in your "In the Know" first edition of Gadget Geek!  Seeing as this is the first EVER issue, I'll focus on some of my all-time favorite gadgets, and my newest one! Let's go!

First and foremost, I'll say that I absolutely love my PSP.  It's brought me so much joy it's unbelievable.  (Except for that time when it broke into a million bajillion pieces and I had to take it apart and replace the insides with another PSP, making it a FrankenStation.)  I've played so many different games on it that I feel it was a solid investment.

What?! You can use this thing as a GPS?

How did I play so many games?  Well, I will admit that I had a friend show me how to hack it (not for illegal reasons, either.) It gave me hours upon hours of enjoyment, and I finally got to play Dragon Quest VII!  This, combined with watching movies and reading comic books, all got a bit better not too long after my PSP went to a better place.  *UPDATE* As of today, I have a new PSP.  It is my FrankenStation.

Not too long after PSP became RIP, I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab via a video contest I entered.  It was totally last minute, but the idea came to me and my friend Kelly and I took to using the materials I had to make a commercial that was about 30 seconds.  In all, I got into the Top 100 and was chosen to win a Samsung Galaxy Tablet!  Talk about awesome, right?

Super Mario Galaxy Tab.

Well, I got it and then the magical part happened: I discovered the Android marketplace.  For about two years I had the iPhone 3G, and only had access to what Apple deemed I should.  (No offense to you Mac-heads out there, I come in peace.) So, having been granted the ability to seemingly download whatever I thought was cool was a big plus.

I downloaded the emulators almost immediately.  Then came the roms, and suddenly I was back in PSP land. (The alive one, not the dead one.)  Plus, the comic book viewers available were almost too good to be true.  I was reading and re-reading Batman in no time!  The downfall? It wasn't like the PSP.  The upside? It wasn't like the PSP.

There were loads of other games to play still, and tons more to find and do.  After a while, I became enthralled with the Android marketplace, and was hoping to get out of the Apple Appstore and get on the Droid Train.

That's when my newest gadget, the HTC Inspire 4G comes in to play.  For some reason or another, my iPhone started moving slower than ever, and it starting looking all nasty. I needed a new phone.  So, I got my newest little gadget, and man is it awesome.

This is like jail photos for phones.

It moves at almost lightning-fast speeds.  Screen loading times are dismal.  Apps take no time to load.  Going between screens happens in a snap.  Best of all: it has an HD screen, video camera, and 4G speeds (only when I'm in a city carrying it.  I have yet to try these new speeds.)

The camera is really good for being on a phone.  I've used some different cameras before, mainly the JVC Picsio.  My favorite is the Sony Handycam, which you can get here:

So, what is your favorite gadgets of all-time? Any catching your eye that you might want to play with and own? Let me know below!

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