Monday, November 28, 2011

Please Stop the (Christmas) Music!

I'm a normal human being, right?  I thought so, up until recently.  In case you couldn't tell, I'm pretty into every single piece of entertainment and art out there.  Movies, television, video games, books... you name it and I respect (most of) it!  Music is one of those outstanding art forms that just carries us on through good times and bad times and is one of my all-time favorite art forms.  Except for Christmas music, that is.

  Go ahead, call me a Scrooge.  I'm not against Christmas; I love it.  It's actually the most wonderful time of the year.  Almost everyone is in a good mood and ready to share that mood!  Presents, family, friends, food, and all sorts of awesome things happen this time of year.  I'd add weather, but in Louisiana it's still hitting the 80s (what gives, yo!?)  The Christmas music, however, is a totally different story, and one I'd love to share with you.

  I got into my car at about 6:40 on Black Friday.  I have work at  7 AM and was more than ready to work (I knew we'd be dead slow, we aren't a retail store.)  After turning my key, instead of hearing either Boston's More Than A Feeling or Lady Gaga's Poker Face, which is usually a morning song blared by my "Generation X" station, I got to hear the sounds of Frosty the Snowman.  Are you serious?!

  Why would anyone want to listen to Frosty the Snowman on Black Friday?  Maybe parents are dragging their kids along to the store for some fun fighting shopping.  Whatever it is, I found it irritating beyond belief and unbearable to listen to.  The last thing I want rammed into my head is a corncob pipe and button nose on my way to work at 6:40 in the morning.

  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't always like this.  I used to love Christmas music: Run, Run, Rudolph, Happy Christmas (War is Over,) and let's not forget the classic Weird Al song from my childhood The Night Santa Went Crazy.  I would listen to them even when it wasn't Christmas.  Then why, all of a sudden, am I suddenly not in the mood to hear these songs anymore?

  For me, it just gets annoying.  There's not a lot of people that watch Christmas movies year-round.  I'm sure someone out there is getting some really strange looks about watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in May.  Holiday movies are usually saved for that holiday.  The same is for Christmas music.  Let's be honest:  do you really want to rock around the Christmas tree in August? I'd say no.

  Am I alone in this or am I just a Scrooge / Grinch?  Tell me below if you like Christmas music and what you think of my stance.

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