Saturday, December 17, 2011

Cee Lo Green's The Lady Killer Album Review: Album of the Year?

According to MTV, the nomations for 2011 Album of the Year came in on November 30.  However, we feel that one album in particular should be Album of the Year, and for a number of reasons.  That album is Cee Lo Green's The Lady Killer.

Let me start off by telling you about the sound of the entire album.  It sounds like love.  The album sounds as if it's made by his soul and you can tell the emotions in each song.  Without holding back any more, here's the breakdown of Cee Lo Green's The Lady Killer.

Starting with the Lady Killer Theme (Intro), there's a sort of Spy movie theme that comes from the song.  It really sets the chivalry-esque theme for the rest of the album.  In fact, you could say that he is attempting to bring back the older days (approximately 1920-ish) when men would actually treat a lady right.

We get brought into the wonderous sounds of Bright Lights Bigger City next, which is one of the catchiest tracks ever made.  The track makes you feel great, like you're on to bigger and better things, which Cee Lo clearly is.

The third track, Fuck You,  is the most popular of the entire album.  It isn't necessarily the best track he has, but it certainly is the catchiest.  We'll tell you all about the song in the most proper way possible:
Fuck You is a song about a gentleman who tries as hard as possible to fulfull a lady's materialistic ways.  However, he cannot and sees her out with another man who has much more to offer.  This angers him to the point of shouting out his catch phrase.
What a beautiful song.

Following this comes Wildflower, a beautiful love song.  I'm pretty sure this is about him "doing the dirty" with his wonderful "wildflower."  However, he still wants her to know she's beautiful.  His girl is a wonderful wildflower and she needs to know this.

After this is Bodies, which is a very sensual ballad about chivalry.  Following this comes Please, a song about finding yourself and chasing after what you want.  If you don't keep trying to achieve what you may think is not achievable, you won't be able to look at yourself.

Satisfied is another brilliant track showing that Cee Lo Green really is a "lady killer."  All he wants to do is satisfy his girl.  The least he can do is try, after all.  I Want You follows this by telling the girl that all he wants is her.  He doesn't want the night life anymore, he just wants her and nothing else.  How beautiful.

Cry Baby continues by telling his girl that he doesn't want her to cry.  Ever.  He's a fool for this girl.  He wrote a song about it, too.  Fool for You is him telling his girl that he's a fool for her in every way.  He loves her so much it's crazy.

Things start to go a little downhill for Cee Lo, but the songs are still upbeat.  It's hard to believe it when you see how much he cares for this girl.  She regrets him a bit and she's out with another man.  He thinks about her though, and he wants her to know that It's OK to say that she still loves him.  After all, she is a legendary woman, someone you can't replace.

Things get a little slow after this.  It gets a little Old-Fashioned, and he tells the girl that his love is right on time and timeless.  He will always be there, just like a man should.  I feel as if Cee Lo's heart has been crushed and he doesn't deserve this.  Poor Cee Lo!

We then get the Lady Killer Theme (Outro) which has lots of guitar shredding.  Like, really amazing shredding.  It's crazy.

Overall, I feel this is one of the best albums ever made.  The story is told amazingly and beautifully.  I commend Cee Lo Green on this amazing work of art.  This is one album you will listen to and never want to listen to anything else.  Seriously, it's that great.

OVERALL GRADE: 10/10 Yes, it's perfect.

Have you heard The Lady Killer?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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