Monday, November 7, 2011

Beavis and Butthead: Episode 2 Review

So, many of us saw, and loved, Beavis and Butthead's premiere.  However, there are times when the first episode is better than the rest of the season.  Was this the case for Beavis and Butthead?
The newest episode contained two mini-episodes (mini-eps.)  The first one was titled "Daughter's Hand," and revolved around the premise that Beavis and Butthead see an old drama on television and hear a man ask a father for his daughter's hand.  They hear this and their jaws drop.  We can now see the dimly-lit lightbulb flickering above their over-sized heads.

Beavis and Butthead wanted to ask the new neighbor's daughter for her hand like true gentlemen do.  However, they failed to realize that asking for her hand meant asking for it in marriage.  You can only guess what they thought it meant.   One of the funniest lines ever comes from this mini-ep, where Beavis says,
Well, she's got two of em'!
He's referring to how a woman cannot "give her hand" to more than one man. Absolutely great.  It also ends in a great epiphany, where Beavis realizes that he can "keep his hand to himself."  Lessons are learned.

The second mini-ep was when Beavis and Butthead stumble upon a Tech Support center when looking for an abandoned shopping mall.  They hijack some computers and hilarity / chaos ensues.

When Beavis and Butthead watch these horrible MTV shows on their televisions, it's great to see their reactions.  Such as the new classic line from Beavis about MTV's 16 and Pregnant:
So she's not a bad actress.  She's just a bad person.
I haven't laughed this hard at a T.V. show in ages.  I could keep spurting lines from this episode forever!  But, you'll have to watch it below to see the rest!

They continued to bring high-quality jokes and even better situations.  It's crazy that Mike Judge can still pull off these great plotlines and amazing jokes after creating 13 seasons of King of the Hill, 7 seasons of Beavis and Butthead, and a season of The Goode Family.

I can't wait until Thursday to see the newest episode!  It's really hard to believe that it will be any less amazing.

Heh heh, we said hard.

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