Friday, November 4, 2011

Energy Review Roundup Awards!

Here we go, folks!  The moment you've all been waiting for has arrived.  We've tried a wide array of energy supplements and we're about to give you the results!  The awards are as follows:

  • Most Natural
  • Best Energy
  • Most Energy
  • Best Focus
  • Best Packaging
  • Best Taste
  • Overall Best
But who won which award?

Most Natural - BAZI

Bazi deserves this award by the look alone.  As we said before, we could tell it was a blend of 8 superfruits.  It worked great, but overall it's the most natural energy supplement.

Best Energy - Everyday Energy

This one was really tough, but it came down to two contenders.  What stuck out for Everyday Energy was that it had no crash.  It wasn't hard to put down, either. No jitters and no crash = winner in our book.

Most Energy- RedLine

Redline received this hands-down.  It's called RedLine for a reason: this stuff will have you moving at time-warp speed!

Best Focus - Smart Energy

To call Smart Energy an "energy supplement" would be insulting.  It's a genius enhancer.  Smart Energy will do just as the name suggests - make you act smarter.  The amount of focus and productivity that comes from this bottle is outstanding!

Best Packaging - Tweaker, Tweak Extreme, HED

This was a tie between the three products.  While Tweaker and Tweak Extreme looked futuristic, we equally loved the simplistic feel of HED.  Generic, but gets the job done.

Best Packaging Runner-Up - All Day Energy

It was just random, and that will give you an edge in packaging.  We'll never fully understand the flames or the dancing ballerina, and that's okay.  It's awesome and confusing at the same time.

Best Taste - ZipFizz

While the shot bottles didn't taste too great, ZipFizz brought a lot in these tiny test tubes!  We loved the hell out of them, especially Orange Soda.  Nothing will compare to that flavor, and it was one of the greatest energy supplements we've tasted in a long time.  It also got bonus points for making us feel like scientists!

Overall Best - WildLife Energy

It was clear when we first tried WildLife Energy that it would be a top contender.  It stood its ground early on and kept going strong throughout the roundup.  The great shotgun shell packaging makes it stand out from the crowd.  The smooth, candy-like taste makes you want to drink more.  Then, it throws in long-lasting energy that will keep you going for hours.  Plus, the focus keeps your hands steady and mind ready.

As an added bonus there is absolutely no crash!

Check out each separate review for the recap! We applaud all of our contenders and congratulate them with their awards.  You should know that it was no tough selection, and with the last minute contender, the decision was even tougher.  These energy supplements deserve the awards they are given.  Congratulations everyone on a job well done (in most cases!)

Stay tuned for Indie Game Week, guys!

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