Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Is Tweak Extreme Really Extreme?

In the entire family of Tweaker products, which you can see to the left, we've talked about two of the relatives so far:  Tweaker and the "hed" of the family HED (Did you get it? It's a pun! Ha!)  But now we have Tweak Extreme, the "big brother" of the Tweaker products.  Is it as extreme as it's name intends?

Packaging: There isn't much extra that adds to the packaging that Tweaker didn't already have.  It has the exact same futuristic feel as the original Tweaker, but that makes it feel a bit less.... extreme.  We've added a list of things we think would make it more extreme in the OVERALL GRADE at the bottom.

Taste:  It tastes a bit better than Tweaker, although there isn't that delicious Mango-Peach flavor I've come to love so very much.  There is Pomegranate, though.  Tweaker is stronger, but Tweak Extreme is like the much older brother: less energy but has a lot more to him.

Energy Level:  HIGH I honestly couldn't feel a difference between the Tweaker and the Tweak Extreme. I drank all 3 servings in the drink, but kept waiting for the "extreme" part to hit me.  It was leading up to something epic I felt, but I didn't really get that feeling.  The most extreme part was when I had no crash.  That, my friends, is EXTREME!

Focus: AVERAGE  I didn't feel any more or less focused with Tweak Extreme.  It had a little more focus that Tweaker did, and that is worth noting.

OVERALL GRADE: C- Tweak Extreme is an average, high level energy drink.  It gives me a good bit of energy, but it was the same amount as Tweaker.  I kept waiting for something extreme to happen, as the name led me to believe, but I didn't ever feel that.  However, there was no crash which is really great.

So, what would make it more extreme?  More extreme flavors, "extreme" names, and even a revamped case. I'd add a bear.  Bears are totally awesome.  And don't say they aren't; I wouldn't want a bear to hear you...

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You can find more about the Tweaker family at their website or on Facebook!

We'd again like to thank Scott for allowing us to use the Tweaker family of products in our Energy Review Roundup!  We enjoyed the products and can't wait to add them into the Awards Article at the end!

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