Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Five Games That Need to be On Wii U!

Nintendo has an upcoming console that many people are excited about: the Wii U.  A handful of games have been rumored and announced for the system, but we have a list all our own that we feel would be best suited for the Wii U!  Alongside a surely new Mario game, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Darksiders 2, and some Raving Rabbids game that we all saw coming, we're sure these games would be even more awesome with their new tablet controller.

Photoshop Expertise here, guys.

1) Angry Birds

Why:  Everyone loves Angry Birds.  What if you had it HD on a big screen TV, and used the tablet to sling your birds at those pesky pigs?  It'd be awesome, I'll tell you that.  They could even make a much bigger game, or just keep it as a download.

2) Diablo III

Why:  The tablet is so incredibly useful, especially for tapping on skills and/or potions.  It would make the peripheral immensely useful.  While most RPGs would fare well with the tablet-controller, Diablo is at the top of our list.

3) Revamped Gizmos and Gadgets

Why:  We grew up playing this at schools.  At least, I definitely did.  Revamp it and make it have harder sections.  Use the controller to move around, and then when you build your machines or play mini-games, use the tablet.  Gizmos has needed a good remake anyway!

4) Pictionary

Why:  Sure, they had it on the Wii with the U-Draw tablet, but that isn't much of a game.  Make it multiplayer with online function and you've got a solid game right there.  Include the Scribblenauts recognized words and you can have infinite possibilities.  Plus, no need for an extra peripheral --- the tablet is there already.

5) Revamped Duck Hunt

Why:  Take us back to our roots, Nintendo!  This game was a staple on the original NES, and everyone has played it.  Let us use the tablet to full potential:  tap the screen to shoot the gun, aim at the screen to hit the ducks.  Everyone would love this game!

How about it?  Anything you'd like to see on the Wii U? Let us know below or on Twitter @GeekPreview!

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