Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wildlife Energy Gives You the Ammo You Need!

You've seen their drinks in stores, but have you seen their shots?  I've never tried them, but I now know that Wildlife Energy is a top contender in the energy drink business! Read ahead to find out exactly what makes Wildlife Energy hunt down the enemy -- and with only one shell.

I talked to Jay from Wildlife Energy and it was one of the most pleasant interviews I've ever conducted.  It was also the first time we've received a phone call from an interested company to talk about their product.  After trying their product, Jay wanted to see what we thought and he even gave us background on the company that we're going to share with you below!

Packaging - This alone should show you the sheer awesomeness that is Wildlife Energy. In the words of Ed Bassmaster, would ya just look at it?  I saw it and immediately realized that this is what energy shots should be.  The creativity is spot on; it's a shot, and the shotgun shell tells me it's a heavy hitter.

Taste -  As I saw the shotgun shell, I was worried about how much "kickback" it would give.  After all, with all the vitamins in energy drinks most give you that BITE when you take a sip.  This isn't the case for Wildlife Energy.  When I say smooth I mean smooth.  I've never tasted a more delicious energy shot in my entire 20 years of life.

When I talked to Jay, he told me that this is because his company also makes the syrup for those delicious snowcones that you eat at festivals.  They changed the recipe around a bit to fit with the energy shot to make one of the best tasting energy drinks, ever.  It actually tastes like liquid candy, only the vitamins to give your body the energy ammo to get through the day.

Energy Level - Mid-level High

Wildlife Energy shots don't have all the energy that are in some of those high-powered shots you get at stores.  Those jittery ones *shivers*.    It gives you a nice bit of energy, though. It's enough punch to get you through the day, but enough to where you aren't crashing and feeling withdrawals the next day.

After taking the shot I felt it within 5 minutes.  I was ready to go and I can see why this would be so useful for hunters.  (My family are avid hunters and I'm sure that after one shot of this at 5 in the morning they'd be ready to "throw down" with some hogs and bucks!)

Focus - I got some really great concentration.  While I'm not much of a hunter, (don't shun me yet, please, I just haven't gotten out to trying it.  I'm sure I'd love the thrill!) I decided to test it out via some other measures.  How well can I concentrate on anything else?

I felt I had a great reaction time on Call of Duty.  I was able to spot and successfully hit targets from yards away, which would be insanely useful out in the field.  Instead of the usually shaky hands, which I usually suffer from, my nerves were extremely calm, making for more precise holding and movement.


This energy shot is perfect. Whether you're a sportsman or just need a focused shot of extra energy that's great-tasting, this is the shot for you.  In fact, I'm now spoiled from just how good this energy shot is.

You can find Wildlife Energy on Facebook or at their website.  You can get Wildlife Energy wherever energy drinks and shots are sold, as well as in outdoors / sports stores.

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I'd like to take the time to thank Jay from Wildlife Energy for being such a great sport (pun intended!) Thank you for letting Wildlife Energy be a part of our Energy Review Roundup!  Also, thank you for the fine product and best of luck to Wildlife Energy!

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