Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Social Networking Just Got More Pinteresting

Our eyes have recently settled on a new social networking site called Pinterest.  Simply put, it's a place where you can share your favorite links via pictures that you "pin" to the front page.  Everyone can see it, and then you can "repin" it to your own personal boards to organize it.

Two words: It's addicting.  We all need more ways to waste time, but for some reason Pinterest doesn't seem like a waste.  You can find awesome crafts, funny pictures, and really great recipes on the site.  We found this amazingly cool "recipe" for making Bacon Pancakes.  Just a small taste of what you can find on there!  Check out the picture to the left!

After you pin a picture to the main board from a link, you can tweet about it or post it on Facebook.  Everyone can see it, and it can possibly drive people to your site.

More than this, it's great for finding other people with the same interests as you.  You can find what friends are pinning, repin their pins to your board, and follow them to see all the great things that they share!  You can search people by their interests, too.

It's an extremely visual social network, and different than the writing-based Facebook and Twitter.  It's a revolutionary visual medium, and one that I absolutely love so far. You can go to their website and request to get an invite.  There will most likely be a wait because everyone is so interested in it!  When you're in find us at

It's great for finding things to do, learning a new trade, or just killing time. I think Pinterest will take off undoubtedly, as anyone who uses it is "pinned" to it for hours on end.

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