Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Faux Calls"

The Author of this post is Freddy Savage

We got DIRECT TV and I have been catching up on episodes of “Sex and the City”. It was my favorite show when it was out, and I think that I have seen almost every episode. On a recent episode that I watched Carrie, wants to get back together with her ex-fiance, Aiden. I always liked the episodes with Aiden, but Carrie really did him dirty and cheated on him. Eventually, they broke up and he left the show. She wants to get back together with him after seeing him at his bar opening. The funniest thing is that she describes “faux calls” ( when she says it , is sounds like phone calls). “Faux calls” as Carrie describes them, are calling an ex and hanging up. You call and you have no idea what you would say if they pick up and you definitely don’t leave a message. It is so funny. Every girl has called a guy that they liked at one point or another and hung up just before someone answer. Carrie uses a house phone, which makes it a little easier for her to make “Faux calls”. Now a days with caller id on every cell phone, if you were going to make “Faux calls” you would have to use Google phone or dial *67 before you phone the number so that if wouldn’t show up on the caller id.

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