Friday, November 4, 2011

Is Everyday Energy Something You'd Want to Take Every Day?

We know we said our last contender was our absolute last, but we had a final contender enter the ring at the very last minute!  We've tried a different energy supplement every day (pun intended) and now we end with Everyday Energy.  With it's newly enhanced formula, would Everyday Energy be something we'd like to drink every day?  Note:  We do not support or suggest drinking an energy drink or supplement every single day.  It's just not good for you...

Packaging:  It comes in a yellow bottle that reminds me a bit of sunshine.  Even of the sun from Super Mario Sunshine.  It's fitting for the name Everyday Energy.  The bottles, however, are a different story altogether.  It's a small shot bottle and is see through except for the name Everyday Energy and the small sun on it.  In fact, the shot looks a bit like a see-through urine container when it's holding the shot, as you can see to the right.

Taste:  It tastes exactly like lemon-lime sports drink.  It's absolutely delicious.  The aftertaste left a lot to be desired, but that's probably due to the vitamins it contains.

Energy Level: HIGH  After taking the shot in the morning, I'm still feeling alert and ready to go.  While it isn't an insane burst of energy, it is a nice level that I like to be at throughout the day.  None of those jitters, either. Really solid energy.

Focus: EXTREMELY HIGH  The focus level that comes with Everyday Energy is amazing.  I've felt great all day.  I've been digging up vocabulary I didn't even remember I had.  The level of memorization is actually great, too, as I've gotten everything done that has been on my mind and then some.  I never forgot any of it.

OVERALL GRADE: A-  While I had the great focus and high energy level, the packaging still was rather awkward, especially for the color it has.  We would highly recommend this product if you needed long-lasting energy that made your brain process faster and harder.

You can find Everyday Energy on Facebook, Twitter, or at their website!

At this time, we'd like to thank Matthew from Everyday Energy for allowing us to use his product and for getting it to us on such short notice!  This new formula seems to be a hit and is definitely something everyone should keep their eye on.  Thank you.

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