Friday, November 18, 2011

Insterstellar Defence Troops is One Stellar Game!

Have you ever played a tower defense game and wished it was more in space?  Well, there's a game out there (and we mean out there) that allows you to control a Command Center and a fleet of different bodies to collect minerals and resources.  You can grow as a "space team" and become the best fleet in the universe (literally!)  But how does the game do in the universe of strategy games?

I've had some time to play it, thanks to creator Dmitry Kochkin of Winter  With all this talk of space ships, command centers, minerals, and researching, I was ready to check out previously uncharted territory (I'm not so great with strategy games, as I've said before.)  As for tower defense, I might be able to defend something pretty nicely!   Here's a gameplay video to show much more than I could ever say (or you could ever read!)  The awesome-sauce is here!

 Check out the breakdown:

Artistic Style: The game has a great look. The command center and workers look a little pixelated when you are in a "windowed" mode.  However, when the game is full screen, that's when everything looks absolutely stunning.  The exploding ships look really nice and the moving universe around your command center is great.   I love looking at the planets turn and get clearer as it turns into view.

Close your mouth; you're jaw dropped from awesomeness.
Gameplay: The gameplay was solid and flowing.  Once you start to get the hang of it, you can play right on through and keep getting better through trial-and-error.  It's no easy task to get up there, and I don't think anyone can fully "master" this game.  There are also three separate ways to play the game, so you have different ways of playing each and every time.

Beware defenders, this game can really prove to be a true challenge.  The waves of enemies will keep you on edge.  As you slowly lose firepower, all hope will seem lost.  Then, you make a comeback and have a small amount of time to rebuild for the next wave... if you're lucky, that is!

The only hiccup was that it is pretty hard to simply "pick up and play."  I had to go through the tutorial and then some to fully grasp playing the game.

Does Anything Make it Different:  This is the first time I've controlled an actual command center.  It was pretty badass.  Trying to balance multiple things at one time makes me feel like I'm mastering the art of multi-tasking.  This is one game that challenges you to use every part of your mind imaginable and then some.

Overall Game Quality: Great.  You've got a solid tutorial that easily brings you into the game, followed by the great skins on the planets and overall pleasing eye candy, but you can call them graphics.  The gameplay is significantly better than most "tower defense strategy" games out there.

Re-playability: I'd definitely replay it.  I'd replay IDT over and over until I'm the best damn Interstellar Defence the universe has ever seen.   There's three different modes and four different difficulty levels.  I'm having a hard time conquering medium, and Very Hard is a feat in itself that I don't think I can handle yet. It's almost impossible to put it away!

Is it better than Green Lantern? Much, much better!  Green Lantern's universe ain't got nothin' on IDT!

Overall Grade: 9.2 Overall, this game packed a punch.  The graphics were really great, except for a few minor details.  This is definitely cleared up by it's exciting, on-edge gameplay.  The game could have been a tad easier to figure out without the tutorial.  There's tons of room for playing the game again and again and it definitely brought something new to the table!

You can pick up Interstellar Defence Troops for only $10 here.  Can you beat my score of 66,898?  It's not a very high score, but I'm proud of it!

You can find Interstellar Defence Troops on Twitter!  Check this awesome developer out!

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