Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google Plus and Google ID of Infinity

Your new name is 2995820857399897824359. Thank you.

Some of us have tried the invite-only community of Google+.  There's not a lot of people on the social network as of yet, but it does seem to be growing by the day.  And with the countless number of additions to the social networking scene, Google+ could really take off.  However, there's one small detail that sends shivers up my spine: your Google ID.

Your Google Profile ID looks like this:  https://plus.google.com/104677214445877094521/posts.  (That's mine, by the way.)  It's not very nice.  In fact, it scares me that Google would rather just assign each one of us a long number, almost saying we're not individuals.  So, why can't we have our own link to share that's not ugly and disgusting?  It'd probably help the Plus get a little more attention, after all.

Well, now there's a site that is taking that next step to get our freedom and individuality back!  PlusG.Name!  We no longer have to use our Google ID to share our individual cells pages!  So now, instead of 104677214445877094521 my new name is:  plusg.name/geekpreview.  AWESOME, right?!?

Well, in order to get your own link, just go to http://plusg.name/ and get your profile link.  After all, we're more than just numbers, right?

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