Friday, October 7, 2011

Lazy Larry Brownies / Unwind Review!

That's one chilled-out brownie, yo.
I recently came across a very interesting concept:  relaxation snacks and drinks.  I've always had energy drinks right by my side when playing Call of Duty or watching an entire trilogy or series of movies (here's to you, Harry Potter!)  However, I've never had the chance to actually try one of these marketed "relaxation" products.  Thanks to Frontier Beverage, I had the chance and it was worth it!

I'll start out with the Lazy Larry Lazy Cakes.  I looked at the package and it said to eat half now and half later.  I did just that.  I took one bite and it was DELICIOUS!  Remember when you were a kid and you first took a  bite out of a Cosmic Brownie by Little Debbie?  Well, the taste far than surpasses that.   In fact, I find it almost impossible to only eat half and save the rest for later.

After about fifteen minutes, I was feeling relaxed and slowed down.  I felt like I could concentrate more, and my kill streak on Call of Duty was higher, which is always an added bonus!  I gave in and ate the other half of the brownie, because the fudgy, delicious brownie square was calling to me (in a mellowed-out Towelie-type tone.)  I ate it, and that's when something beautiful happened.

I woke up and one of the best sleeps of my entire life.  I slept all the way through the night, and I didn't toss and turn like I usually do!I woke up and looked at the wrapper that spent the night next to me and was amazed.  Thank you Lazy Larry, for allowing me to chill out to the max!

Beyond the chocolaty goodness of the brownies, I also got to try the Unwind drinks.  These were delicious!  They came in three flavors:  Citrus Orange, Goji Grape, and Pom Berry.

You really will unwind deliciously.
Each flavor of drink was smoothly carbonated and had a great unique flavor.  The Citrus Orange tasted like a kick-ass Tang, Goji Grape tasted like Kool-Aid for men, and then we have Pom Berry.

I was a little hesitant to try Pom Berry, but I shouldn't have been! It's my favorite flavor from the bunch!  It tasted like a red jolly rancher that had been melted down, and then made to taste like a soda (only it tastes much better than Jolly Rancher drinks.)  I absolutely loved it.

The drinks almost knocked me out when I drank half of the can. It really made me unwind to the point where I slept like a baby, only I didn't wake up and cry in the middle of the night.  One weird note is that when I woke up, I was hungry.  I almost ate a brownie.  That would have been bad.  Or awesome, I can't decide yet.

Overall, these are two genius, great-tasting products that really work and taste like what I imagine living in Candyland to be like.  You can buy the drinks and the brownies online, and I'd hurry! Don't forget to ask them to sell in your stores!

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