Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Geek Preview: Super Combo Edition!

Light was recently shed on a little game in development by Interabang Entertainment titled Super ComboMan.  And trust me; you will love this game so hard.

After looking around at the different gameplay elements and graphics (that post will be coming shortly, hold on to your boxers, briefs, pantaloons or what have you,) we had some questions for the developers, and they gladly answered!

What prompted the idea for Super ComboMan?

Super Comboman was created from a culmination of ideas and struggling anti hero that came together while in high school.  The main character was originally named Struggleman and would solve crimes by accident and cause mayhem everywhere he went through his everyday struggles.  He evolved over the years and became a character that was socially awkward, silly, that was obsessed with comic books and had to take care of his little brother due to a freak accident with his family at a cookie factory.  Struggles became obsessed with this comic book character Super Comboman and emulated all of the moves he saw him pull off in his comics.  Instead of completing the jobs that he took on to help himself and his bro he would combo his way into finishing job tasks all while rocking a 3 piece mullet and fanny pack!

I notice that the characters and different in-game items are stickers.  What made you choose stickers?

We have never seen games with this type of aesthetic.  It also allows us to create some interesting effects and [adds to] collectible aspects of the game.

How about that 3-piece mullet Struggles sports?
He is the most struggling mo-fo you have ever seen and he thinks he’s stylish

Which platforms will the game be available on?

We are shooting for PC/Mac Digital distribution through Steam etc., and consoles in the near future, as well as mobile.

Is there multiplayer support?

The first release will be single player, but there are talks of multi-player support.

I’d like to add that I read your story about being accepted into the IGN Indie Open House program and I thought it was amazing and inspirational.  That sudden leap of faith must have been one heck of a decision to make, right?

Thanks for the compliment. It was a very interesting experience, and we had to pack our stuff and just move to San Francisco with a little bit of money, hope, and passion and figure out how we were going to survive for 6 months.  Luckily we were able to make things happen and it has been the opportunity of a lifetime.  We have met great developers, publishers, entrepreneurs, and mentors that have supported us this far into development.

Is there a place where fans can buy Super Comboman merchandise or donate towards helping the game?

We have 9 days left for our Super Comboman campaign and we are looking for people to donate $1or more for our cause to gain momentum to keep our game on peoples’ minds and then get the game production moving forward.

This is a great cause to donate to! Help someone else make their dreams come true!  You should definitely read their story at the bottom of IndieGoGo.  It’s an awesome story that lets you know: If you have a dream, dive head first and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I can’t wait to see the game in action! Keep up the great work!

You can find Interabang at their Facebook, Twitter, or website! Show them some love and tell them Geek Preview sent you!

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