Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trine: It's Magically Delicious!

Yeah, it's pretty epic.
Following the great success of the Frozenbyte Humble Bundle Mini-Review and Giveaway, I'm going to review my favorite (and a fan favorite as well) game from the entire bundle: Trine!

Trine is the story of three adventurers, whose lives and souls intertwine by a device called simply the Trine.  In the game, mainly solve physics-based puzzles to defeat enemies and overcome treacherous obstacles.

You start out by using each of the three characters in the introduction.  This was an excellent way for a tutorial to teach you to use each character and divulge you into the realm of the game.

First, you get to use the archer, who can swing from a grappling hook.  I assume she shoots this from her belt buckle or gun or something.   Also, with being an archer she naturally has a bow and arrow that you shoot.  Holding down your left mouse button strengthens the shot.

Then we have my favorite character, the warrior.  This dude is huge, wears his giant metal armor, kicks ass and takes names.  He'll also take any food you give him, seeing as he's constantly talking about his hunger.  Not only can he beat the crap out of the enemies, he can also pick up most object and throw chunk them across the screen. He is a force to be reckoned with.

Finally, we have my second favorite, the wizard.  There's a variety of things he can do, such as levitate objects.  If you use your mouse to draw a square, he can conjure up a cube to smash enemies, block pits, and climb on.  Sometimes, it's hard to draw a square while trying not to get hit, so you have to be very precise, but otherwise it's a pretty solid gameplay element.

Goddamn Geometry!

You aren't stuck to any certain character, either! You can switch at any time by pressing buttons 1, 2, or 3.  This helps to collect all of the green bottles of experience that are well-placed around the world.

Overall, the functions of each character are really great! There's a deep storyline that you venture into as you complete each of the fifteen levels.  Now beware, because each level increases in difficulty as you progress.

I find myself getting extremely involved with the beautiful landscape in Trine, as well as the beautifully orchestrated soundtrack (it's definitely worth a download.)  I've even got the music on my iPod, and I love listening to it! So wonderous!

The game is extremely challenging, yet addicting and super fun to play! I give it three-and-a-half shrooms, all because that square really messes me up!

Sorry square.

So, TL;DR:

Play as 3 different characters
Beautiful, alive environment
Challenging gameplay
Amazing Soundtrack

Wizard's attacks are iffy

Overall an extremely solid game, and well worth the $20 on Steam!

I was in no way endorsed by Steam or Frozenbyte.  These opinions are based solely on my own playthrough of the game.  I have played for 5 hours and have yet to complete my first playthrough.

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