Friday, August 12, 2011

Mission Icefly: What's All the Buzz About?


I've been receiving some mail recently, all of it in a solid black envelope. More importantly, it's all coming from a place called the "Human Preservation Project."  It's pretty ominous, I'd say.

Yeah, that's me. The TEST SUBJECT.
However, it's not the packaging we're talking about today, it's the actual package.  What came inside was a total surprise, and now it seems as though I should have known all along what it was for: 5 Gum.  All of the e-mails I've been receiving combined with the letters in the envelopes saying "Stimulate Your Senses."

Tangy, Tropical, Orange, Delicious.
I'll backtrack for a bit to explain that each e-mail and letter contained an odd type of message and a QR code which sent you to a website with a test training video.  It has the same feel as the commercials, so I must just be blind as a bat.  I'll let you judge for yourself:

So, I opened the package and found a "Test Subject" ID tag with my picture, name, and an "Identification Number" with the words TEST SUBJECT written on top.  Oh, and a brand new pack of 5 GUM!  Awesome, right?

It gets even better because the gum is freaking DELICIOUS!  It's a tangy, tropical-type taste, and it's just amazing.  That's weird for me, seeing as I don't like tropical flavors. On top of all that, it lasts a super long time. When you get the chance, you should totally give it a taste!  It really does stimulate your senses!

Further on, there the codes next to the QR code unlock keys for their ARG, which we'll be talking about more in-depth soon!

I give Wrigley huge dibs for the awesome Marketing for this.  It's amazing.

I was in no way paid for this review of 5 Gum, and these are my sole opinions on the product that was sent to me.

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