Monday, October 31, 2011

All Day Energy: How Much is All Day?

We've heard of many different types of energy shots so far and one even had an extremely generic name.  The newest contender in our Energy Review Roundup is All Day Energy.  But can it live up to its "All Day" name?

Even the man on the CD in the background is confused.
Packaging: The bottle is on fire for some reason.  I don't quite understand this concept.  It's an energy drink.  It's ALL DAY Energy.  So why is it on fire?  I can only guess it is because it burns out so quickly.  Also, the logo looks like Centrum vitamins, only in reverse.

Taste:  It tasted like I took a shot of cough syrup.  I didn't like it at all. It was rough going down, had that medicinal taste, and still found room to give me a small, bitter hit.

Dances with Flames.
Energy Level: EXTREMELY LOW  I felt absolutely nothing from it.  I had a short burst of what I thought was energy, but it ended up being a yawn bursting forth.  I think this is where the flame comes in:  the shot is burned out.

Focus: EXTREMELY LOW I felt no focus with the lack of energy even though the bottle claims to "improve(s) focus and performance."

OVERALL GRADE F+  Why an F+?  Because there's a dancer.  I can't explain why there's a dancer on the box.  And why is she dancing in flames?  I don't think I'll ever know.  No energy, no focus, bad taste:  not a good mix, especially for a drink toting the name "All Day Energy." I'd like to add that I had someone else try one to ensure that it wasn't just me that felt this way.  They also felt nothing from the shot.

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I'd like to thank Hasan from All Day Energy for allowing us to use their product in our Energy Review Roundup.

ZipFizz: Be An Energy Scientist!

Stand back folks, I'm about to try science!  How, you ask? ZipFizz!

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