Friday, August 19, 2011

Party Down Caters to All My Needs + Creep of the Week!

The Geekiest Show You've Never Seen.

Odds are you haven’t heard about the Starz original comedy Party Down.  There wasn’t a lot of hype about it, and it only lasted a brief, two season stint.  While Party Down’s time was brief, it sure did cater to thousands of viewers’ wants and needs.

So, why should you watch it?  First, everyone’s in this show.  You’ll spend tons of time pointing people out and calling out what they’ve been in.  From Glee to Veronica Mars to Knocked Up, everyone has been in that one movie or show, and they can all act.

The Misfits.  Kinda.
The show features an interesting cast of characters.  There’s “That Guy,” played by Adam Scott from Step Brothers.  There’s the comedienne-to-be played by Lizzy Caplan from Mean Girls, the geeky writer wannabe played by Martin Starr from Knocked Up, and the older, young-on-the-inside actress played by Jane Lynch from Glee.  The list of creative characters goes on and on.

Each of these characters wants to be someone in Hollywood: a comedian, an actor, a writer, or a franchise owner for unlimited salad and soups (hey, everyone has a dream, right?)  While working on their goal, they also work catering to the rich and famous.  This opens up tons of hilarious situations!  They cater to a 16 year old’s birthday party and to the Sin Say Shun Awards (for Adult Films.)

Each episode will leave you laughing hysterically! I’m almost done Season 1 and I can’t stop laughing throughout it! Throughout the episode these caterers get themselves into a huge mess, and you just never know what to expect, so it continues to bring you back for more!  You can watch Party down on IMDb or Netflix!

Seeing as we never know what to expect, this is the sole reason that this week’s Creep of the Week is combined with Party Down!

The Creep of the Week this week is the Rick Sargulesh from the episode “Celebrate Rick Sargulesh." Why does he deserve Creep of the Week?  Well, I’ll give you a clip so you can see him.  A little backstory, though:  he’s a murderer.  A Russian murderer.  Sorry to my Russian readers, that’s Hollywood’s opinion, not mine.  And that weird eye thing…jeez!


 So, celebrate Rick Sargulesh as the Creep of the Week!