Saturday, November 12, 2011

Top 5 Craziest Conspiracies!

Everyone loves a good story now and again.  Conspiracies and their conspiracy theorists are always pushing the envelope of what is going on under the nose of the general public.  They create some of the craziest stories and then try to tell us it's true.  We've heard our fair share of them and now we've got the top five!  Bet you can't find anything crazier!

Why Special Effects Help Bring Our Imaginations to Life

Tons of movies are released weekly.  Short films come out on an almost-daily basis from all around the world, and multiple feature films come out on a weekly basis.  Don’t forget about the straight-to-DVD and “Made for TV” movies that come out, too.  A majority of these movies are high budget and that means tons of eye candy! But are computer-generated effects the new “live-action?"