Friday, August 19, 2011

Party Down Caters to All My Needs + Creep of the Week!

The Geekiest Show You've Never Seen.

Odds are you haven’t heard about the Starz original comedy Party Down.  There wasn’t a lot of hype about it, and it only lasted a brief, two season stint.  While Party Down’s time was brief, it sure did cater to thousands of viewers’ wants and needs.

So, why should you watch it?  First, everyone’s in this show.  You’ll spend tons of time pointing people out and calling out what they’ve been in.  From Glee to Veronica Mars to Knocked Up, everyone has been in that one movie or show, and they can all act.

The Misfits.  Kinda.
The show features an interesting cast of characters.  There’s “That Guy,” played by Adam Scott from Step Brothers.  There’s the comedienne-to-be played by Lizzy Caplan from Mean Girls, the geeky writer wannabe played by Martin Starr from Knocked Up, and the older, young-on-the-inside actress played by Jane Lynch from Glee.  The list of creative characters goes on and on.

Each of these characters wants to be someone in Hollywood: a comedian, an actor, a writer, or a franchise owner for unlimited salad and soups (hey, everyone has a dream, right?)  While working on their goal, they also work catering to the rich and famous.  This opens up tons of hilarious situations!  They cater to a 16 year old’s birthday party and to the Sin Say Shun Awards (for Adult Films.)

Each episode will leave you laughing hysterically! I’m almost done Season 1 and I can’t stop laughing throughout it! Throughout the episode these caterers get themselves into a huge mess, and you just never know what to expect, so it continues to bring you back for more!  You can watch Party down on IMDb or Netflix!

Seeing as we never know what to expect, this is the sole reason that this week’s Creep of the Week is combined with Party Down!

The Creep of the Week this week is the Rick Sargulesh from the episode “Celebrate Rick Sargulesh." Why does he deserve Creep of the Week?  Well, I’ll give you a clip so you can see him.  A little backstory, though:  he’s a murderer.  A Russian murderer.  Sorry to my Russian readers, that’s Hollywood’s opinion, not mine.  And that weird eye thing…jeez!


 So, celebrate Rick Sargulesh as the Creep of the Week!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kevlar51 Illustrations: Behind the Design

I came across a little Facebook page for t-shirt designs called Kevlar51 Illustrations.  I was blown away by just how awesome these shirt designs looked.  I wanted to know just exactly went on in the artist's mind so I asked designer Kevin Phelps a couple of questions.  What he said really took me by surprise!

Carnival of Games Review: A Fair That Fits in Your Pocket!

Who doesn't love a carnival?

Have you ever played a little bundle of joy called Carnival of Games? If not, you should.  Released on both the Android and iOS marketplace, the game is a combination of four fun games that you would likely find at a carnival:   the strength test, shooting gallery, bucket toss, and the milk bottle drop.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Google Plus and Google ID of Infinity

Your new name is 2995820857399897824359. Thank you.

Some of us have tried the invite-only community of Google+.  There's not a lot of people on the social network as of yet, but it does seem to be growing by the day.  And with the countless number of additions to the social networking scene, Google+ could really take off.  However, there's one small detail that sends shivers up my spine: your Google ID.

A Man, A Plan, A Crane, A Game: Bram Stolk

We've all heard of the app “The Little Crane That Could.”  It’s a unique experience in gaming, and one that’s very deserving of all the great praise and attention it’s garnered.

We recently interviewed the app’s father, Bram Stolk, to get his take on apps, and learn a bit about the developing process and his entire life.  It was quite the story, and we feel everyone would absolutely love to hear it!  He even shares a bit of insider information to help you out with anything you’re planning on doing, also!  Check it:

Friday, August 12, 2011

Crazy Stupid Love is Crazy Stupid Fun

Everyone's seen the trailers and posters for what's leading up to be one of  Summer's hottest rom-coms.  However, Crazy Stupid Love far surpasses what many would expect in a romantic comedy and makes it an extremely lovable, funny movie for everyone.

Mission Icefly: What's All the Buzz About?


I've been receiving some mail recently, all of it in a solid black envelope. More importantly, it's all coming from a place called the "Human Preservation Project."  It's pretty ominous, I'd say.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creep of the Week: Hannibal Lecter

So, each week I've been seeing some pretty creepy people, things, or places and I figure the best way to share that each week is through Creep of the Week!  The very first, and most deserving, Creep of the Week is Anthony Hopkins' character Hannibal Lecter!

Geek Preview: Super Combo Edition!

Light was recently shed on a little game in development by Interabang Entertainment titled Super ComboMan.  And trust me; you will love this game so hard.

After looking around at the different gameplay elements and graphics (that post will be coming shortly, hold on to your boxers, briefs, pantaloons or what have you,) we had some questions for the developers, and they gladly answered!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Top 5 Shows That Would Make Great Movies

TV shows are all the rage in making the move to a Hollywood movie spot:  Transformers, the Smurfs, the Simpsons, South Park, the list goes on and on!  However, we feel that there are a number of shows that would be great on the big screen.  Here are our  Top 5!

Going Pro: Does Rock Band 3's Pro Mode Pass the Test?

I recently picked up Rock Band 3 for my Playstation 3.  Having been a huge fan of Rock Band 1 and 2, as well as the numerous Guitar Heroes that fill the shelves of GameStop, I was pretty interested in this new “Pro Mode” that they were showing off.  I admit, even though it took me a year to get down to business with the newest form of playing a plastic instrument, it was well worth the wait.