Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Interstellar Defence Troops is 50% Off!

Remember our review of the game Interstellar Defence Troops by Winter Rain Games?  Well, for a limited time only, they're having an X-mas sale!  50% off of this great game, bringing the price down to just $5.  Let us catch you up on how amazing of a deal this is:

For $5 you'll get:

  • Stunning graphics.  They are beautiful all-around and it's absolutely mesmerizing when you see them in action.
  • Solid, flowing gameplay.  This is one of the best tower defense games on the market, and it's even CHEAPER for a limited time.
  • Progressively challenging levels.  The more you play (and trust me you will play a LOT) the harder it gets. Sometimes, that sh*t cray.
  • A well-rounded, fully-immersive game.  This game will make you access every part of your brain and then some.
  • One of the best indie and tower defense games on the market.  There is really no match when comparing Interstellar Defence Troops to another game.  IDT tops all other tower defense games out there.

For $10, this game is amazing and a must-own.  Now it's only $5 and the question is why aren't you playing it right now?

After all, you deserve to treat yourself.  Treat yourself like a King.  And Interstellar Defence King.

You can purchase IDT for $5 at