Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Five Games That Need to be On Wii U!

Nintendo has an upcoming console that many people are excited about: the Wii U.  A handful of games have been rumored and announced for the system, but we have a list all our own that we feel would be best suited for the Wii U!  Alongside a surely new Mario game, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Darksiders 2, and some Raving Rabbids game that we all saw coming, we're sure these games would be even more awesome with their new tablet controller.

Top 5 Reasons Grand Theft Auto Five Should Come to New Orleans

We've all played, and loved, Grand Theft Auto.  San Andreas, Liberty City, Vice City: all great fictional towns, and their counterparts (Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, in that order,) are equally as awesome.  But, with games the like of L.A. Noire and Saints Row the Third, Grand Theft Auto has a lot it has to bring to make it not only a hit game, but a good game.  What is "it," though?  How about a little bit of actual Southern flair?

Is Tweak Extreme Really Extreme?

In the entire family of Tweaker products, which you can see to the left, we've talked about two of the relatives so far:  Tweaker and the "hed" of the family HED (Did you get it? It's a pun! Ha!)  But now we have Tweak Extreme, the "big brother" of the Tweaker products.  Is it as extreme as it's name intends?

Tweaker Helps Get Your Tweak On!

Our Energy Review Roundup (#ERoundup) has been a huge success so far, garnering thousands of views by themselves!  Our newest contender, and a small one at that, is a little boost of energy called Tweaker.