Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fire and Dice: One Game That Brings the Heat!

We talked about Sky Parlor Studios last wonderful app, Carnival of Games.  It was awesome and we loved playing it's different games again and again.  They recently released their newest game on iOS and Android called Fire and Dice.  We played it. It's hot.  But just how hot is it?

Social Networking Just Got More Pinteresting

Our eyes have recently settled on a new social networking site called Pinterest.  Simply put, it's a place where you can share your favorite links via pictures that you "pin" to the front page.  Everyone can see it, and then you can "repin" it to your own personal boards to organize it.

Two and Half Men: More Sheen With Ashton Than Charlie

Sheen - beautiful; shining.

That being said, everyone in the world followed Charlie Sheen's downward spiral from a top-paying position in the television and movie industry to being a tiger-blooded warlock rock star from Mars.  The question for the time then wasn't "How will Charlie Sheen survive without 2.5 Men?"  The real question was "Will 2.5 Men survive without Sheen?"

After Charlie Sheen was fired (there's a big surprise...)  everyone wondered who would replace him.  Rumors were abound on the internet:  John Stamos from Full House, Jerry O'Connell from Funny or Die, and Donny Osmond. However, there then began a huge rumor surging throughout the World Wide Web, and a dear friend from the 70's would join the cast; someone we never thought of.

Ashton Kutcher would be coming in as a new character to fill the void left by Charlie Sheen.  After playing in numerous successful comedies and playing the ever-so-famous Kelso from That 70's Show, it should have been clear that Ashton would be one of the best comedians to take the spot.  After all, with almost 8 million Twitter followers and even more fans on other social media outlets, it should have been clear that with Kutcher on board, the show would be nothing but winning.

Millions tuned in to the premiere episode to see just how Ashton would fare.  It's clear after four episodes that Ashton's still got his ground in comedy, and Charlie isn't the only one with Adonis DNA.

All of Ashton's jokes are timed just right, and he brings a fresh breath of a different kind of comedy to the set of Two and a Half Men.  The show continues to do really well with viewers, and it keeps getting better each week. John Cryer and Ashton play brilliantly off each other, and it seems like I'm actually watching someone's daily life.

I applaud Mr. Kutcher for his amazing performance, which can only go up from it's already high point.  It's clear that Ashton has the sheen to keep the Sheen-less comedy better than ever! Keep bringing it to the Two and a Half Men set and T.V. sets everywhere, Mr. Kutcher.  The audience is listening.

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Wildlife Energy Gives You the Ammo You Need!

You've seen their drinks in stores, but have you seen their shots?  I've never tried them, but I now know that Wildlife Energy is a top contender in the energy drink business! Read ahead to find out exactly what makes Wildlife Energy hunt down the enemy -- and with only one shell.

"Faux Calls"

The Author of this post is Freddy Savage

We got DIRECT TV and I have been catching up on episodes of “Sex and the City”. It was my favorite show when it was out, and I think that I have seen almost every episode. On a recent episode that I watched Carrie, wants to get back together with her ex-fiance, Aiden. I always liked the episodes with Aiden, but Carrie really did him dirty and cheated on him. Eventually, they broke up and he left the show. She wants to get back together with him after seeing him at his bar opening. The funniest thing is that she describes “faux calls” ( when she says it , is sounds like phone calls). “Faux calls” as Carrie describes them, are calling an ex and hanging up. You call and you have no idea what you would say if they pick up and you definitely don’t leave a message. It is so funny. Every girl has called a guy that they liked at one point or another and hung up just before someone answer. Carrie uses a house phone, which makes it a little easier for her to make “Faux calls”. Now a days with caller id on every cell phone, if you were going to make “Faux calls” you would have to use Google phone or dial *67 before you phone the number so that if wouldn’t show up on the caller id.