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Wilfred: Man's Newest, "Bestest" Friend

This review was written by Kendall Andrews, Jr. for sole publication at Geek Preview.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Blue Blur: A Sonic Memory for His 20th Birthday

After waiting patiently the whole night before, it's finally Christmas morning.  I awake quickly, and jump out of bed, running downstairs to rip open my newest presents that were carefully wrapped by Santa and placed ever-so-gently underneath the tree downstairs.  What could await me underneath the red and green multi-colored wrapping papers?

Footloose: An 80's De-Make

Some remakes are good:  Halloween I and II, 3:10 to Yuma, The Ladykillers, King Kong, and the list goes on.  However, it does not seem like Footloose will be one of those good remakes.

The Geek Show: Reaper!

I'll admit this: before I got a Netflix account, I had never heard of the show Reaper.  For that, I apologize.  After doing some research, I found out that many people never had the chance to watch the TV show, and that's a shame!  Reaper definitely deserves the relatively small cult following it has.

Reaper is about a young man named Sam (pun intended) who finds out on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born.  So naturally, Sam is now forced to be the devil's bounty hunter for escaped souls.  Pretty solid, awesome premise!

I'd like to start out by saying that the cast was amazing.  I honestly couldn't stop laughing throughout the episodes, and I'd mostly like to thank Sock (played by Tyler Labine of Mad Love,) and the Devil (Ray Wise) for this.  Sam (Brett Harrison) is perfect for the son. the I feel bad for poor Sam because he just can't catch a break thanks to that damn devil.

Tell me that's not the most awesome Devil ever!

Each episode brings something new and hellish into Brett's life.  First, there's the vessel  Brett, Sock, and Ben use to catch the escaped souls.  It comes in a devil's box of some sort, and then they have to figure out how to use it.  They always prove to be something really random and laughter-inducing, such as an 8-track, an RC car, or a Dirt Devil.


So, in between doing all this, Sam keeps trying to have a normal life that the Devil keeps ruining.  He tries to get Andi, the girl he works with, and keeps failing miserably because the Devil keeps throwing new things his way.  He can't catch a break at his weird work, where they do the Paint Can Rodeo.  Yeah, go check that out I'd love the Paint Can Rodeo.

It is a shame that the show got cancelled, though.  Now instead of a full story, we only get a glimmer of what could be.  There are only two seasons, and that is the only downfall of this show. However, there are talks of bringing back the show in the form of a series of comic books, but there's no word on when this will happen, but I really hope it will!

Overall, it's really solid and I think mostly the work comes from Kevin Smith, of Dogma and Clerks fame, being the Script Supervisor.  I'd definitely recommend Reaper.  It's on Netflix Instant, but you can watch the episodes on IMDB for free through HULU as well.

I give the show 3.5 out of 4 mushrooms, because there's just not enough show to go around!

Monday, June 20, 2011

15 Most Epic Beards in Cinema!

Over here at Geek Preview, we have a thing for any and all things geek.  Our knowledge and love isn't limited, though, and it grows.  We like to show our love through many ways: posts, updates, reviews, and more importantly - lists.  The only thing more awesome than a list?  BEARDS.  So, a list of beards is probably too awesome, but let's find out! Ladies and gentlemen, Geek Preview presents: the 15 Most Epic Beards in Cinema!

Milk was a bad choice.

Actor: Will Ferrell

Movie: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Bergundy

Why it's Epic:  It's Will Ferrell playing Ron Bergundy.  With a beard.  Once you see Will Ferrell with a beard it's near impossible to unsee it.  

Peter, you have been brushing haven't you?

Actor: John Noble

Movie: Fringe

Why it's Epic: Okay, so it's not a movie, but it's still an epic beard.  Walter Bishop, the most amazing scientist in the world has a beard that is equally amazing.  Too bad he's a little crazy.

Insert Wilfred Joke Here.

Actor: Tom Hanks

Movie: Castaway 

Why it's Epic:  As Tom Hanks' character gets crazier being stuck on an island, so does his beard.  You'd think he would have been able to makeshift a Gillette or something out there, seeing as he could build other things.

Beardicus Epicus.

Actor: Michael Gambon

Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Why it's Epic: It's Albus Freakin' Dumbledore! (That's his real middle name.)  Not only is he the greatest sorcerer of all time, he's also the recordholder for the most magnificent beard.  Just don't tell Gandalf that, please.

Sauron had no beard.  That's why he lost.

Actor: Ian McKellen

Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Why it's Epic: This is perhaps the most majestic cinemasterpiece, aside from Treebeard.  It's just short enough, and just a tiny bit frilly.  He really wouldn't have as much respect without the beard because beards = respect.

What is your profession?
Actor: Gerard Butler

Movie: 300

Why it's Epic: Ripped Abs? Check.  Most awesome line ever yelled during battle? Check. Perfectly formed beard that let's others know that you mean business? Double check.

Yer didn't think that I'd shave it, didja?
Actor: Robbie Coltrane

Movie: Harry Potter Series

Why it's Epic: Hagrid is a giant, in case you didn't know.  While he is huge, one can only wonder what the actual length of his beard is.

The only beard in the Wolfpack.
Actor: Zach Galifianakis

Movie: The Hangover Part II

Why it's Epic: While it's hard to pull off a beard, it's equally as hard to do when you're playing a kid-like adult.    Also, how in the hell is it so perfectly rounded?

One cannot simply walk into Mordor without Beard-legs.

Actor: John Ryes-Davies

Movie: Lord of the Rings trilogy

Why it's Epic: Look at it! It's like the beard has legs.  -head explodes from greatness-

Spiderman? Not you again.

Actor: Robin Williams

Movie: Jumanji

Why it's Epic: His beard is super bushy.  It shows just how ridiculous this character is at the time.  He's supposed to be crazy, so the epic beard enhances this.  Or maybe it's just because he's next to little Kirsten Dunst? Who knows.

-cue epic stand-off music-
Actor: Chia Hui-Liu

Movie: Kill Bill Vol. 2

Why it's Epic: His beard must have grown too long, because his eyebrows are just as long! Also, his mustache has a beard! HE IS THE BEARD.

Scorcese on coke.
Actor: Martin Starr

Movie: Knocked Up

Why it's Epic: This thing grows throughout the entire movie, and leaves us wondering as to what the limit would ever be.  It also is the focus of many of the world's best beard jokes.

When I was a young boy...
Actor: George Clooney

Movie: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Why it's Epic: I know it's not real, but still: this is George Clooney, who can rock anything in the world and still look good.  Even a fake beard.

Where did you say the rum was?
Actor: Johnny Depp

Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean

Why it's Epic: This beard is really two beards in one.  They are also styled perfectly.  I wonder how much work went into that?

Do not be hasty. This beard is tasty.
Actor: John Ryes-Davies

Movie: Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Why it's Epic: It's a goddamned tree.  WITH A BEARD.  Further proving the point of: If it has a beard, it's important and epic and will win SO. HARD.

Haven't seen these movies? You should totally check them out!

So there you go! That's some epic beards, huh?  Anything you would've liked to see in this list?  Which beard is the most epic, or have you seen something even more epic in real life?

Time to Play: Spiral Knights

Spiral Knights is a free-to-play MMORPG that recently made its way to Steam on June 14th.  It was developed by an independent company named Three Rings Design, known for their popular MMO Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates!  In case you haven't played either of these, I strongly advise you to try them out.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Thirstday: Flatt Cola Review and GIVEAWAY!

Flatt Cola.  I'll tell you the truth, I honestly did not know what to think whenever I went to try this. I was a bit confused as to why they chose the name Flatt Cola, but after one sip, I discovered why --- it's Flatt-out delicious! (Also, they're Flatt-out awesome! Check their site!)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gadget Geek: 1st Edition!

Everything from camcorders to electronic xylophones can and probably will be included in your "In the Know" first edition of Gadget Geek!  Seeing as this is the first EVER issue, I'll focus on some of my all-time favorite gadgets, and my newest one! Let's go!

Time to Play: Elements of Arkandia

I thought of Dragon Quest and nostalgia'd hard.

Elements of Arkandia, released just YESTERDAY, is by a little online game publisher known as Armor Games. You may have heard of them, or at least one of their games:  Achievement Unlocked 1 & 2, Crush the Castle, and Portal (the Flash version.)  All of their games are free-to-play on their website.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trine: It's Magically Delicious!

Yeah, it's pretty epic.
Following the great success of the Frozenbyte Humble Bundle Mini-Review and Giveaway, I'm going to review my favorite (and a fan favorite as well) game from the entire bundle: Trine!

No DVD or Blu-Ray Playback on Wii U!

Now with 100% less DVD and Blu-ray playback!

As you may recall from E3, there was much talk about the Wii U specs and what we could exactly do on Nintendo's newest console.  One of the ideas popping around was the fact that the new Wii U discs could hold approximately 25 GB of data on them, and the Wii U could recognize and run that.

And the winner is...

First, I'd like to thank each and every one of you for simply taking the time to look at my tiny little blog!  All of your views and input were greatly appreciated, and I hope you enjoyed this contest as much as I've enjoyed running it!

So let's get down to business!  First, I listed all of the entries on a word document, which is shown below so that you can all see that it's fair:

Look, you're all in the top 20! Good job!

Then, out of these, I entered the numbers on, starting at 1 for the first entry, and 19 for the last! Also seen here:

The suspense is killing us!

So now for the big reveal AKA Did you win?  The winner is...

Number 11, Controversy!  Great job! I hope you enjoy your games! Be looking out for an e-mail shortly containing all the information you need to claim your prize!  Remember, everyone's a winner in my heart, but if you didn't win this one there will be many more to come! Keep a lookout and check out GeekPreview's Facebook and Twitter pages, because who knows where it will come next? *hint hint*

EDIT: I e-mailed Controversy, and seeing as they haven't replied back within the 24-hour time limit contained in the rules on the original post and in the e-mail sent to them, they have forfeited the prize.  I am sorry to have this happen, especially on the first giveaway.  However, has chosen a new winner! They are:


Number 15, Susansmoaks!  Susan, I will be sending you an e-mail with all the information you need shortly! Controversy, I'm sorry it had to end this way.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

8 Crazy, but Awesome Games to Play

      1.)    Wall St. 
What a great intro!

What makes it crazy?

When you think Wall Street what do you usually think?  I think of money, stocks, and men in business suits.  However, if you’re a more negative person, you probably think of the Great Depression.  And if you’re deeply depressed and most likely demented, you think of people jumping out of windows. That’s what has this game so weird.  Instead of being some type of strategy game about making money, which Is what I expected, it became a “save the suicidal brokers” game, a la Fire!

We got another jumper!

What makes it awesome?

You can kill tanks.  No, not destroy them, you just outright kill them.  It even says so in the instructions.  After you’re finished saving suicidal stock brokers, you walk around grabbing moneybags to “save Wall Street.”  So not only is all the money in bags spread around willy-nilly, but it’s protected by roaming tanks, which you kill with fire.
Kill it with Fire!

     2.)    Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker
Annie, are you okay?

What makes it crazy?

You play as Michael Jackson.  But that’s not it, even though that should be enough by itself. You go around saving kidnapped kids from “Mr. Big,” and I don’t mean the “To Be With You” band.  That doesn’t sound too bad, until you realize the fighting moves are Michael’s famous singing and dancing abilities.

Then, it gets weirder.  Sure, we all love Michael Jackson’s songs. Don’t lie, everyone has a favorite.  Some of his hits are in the game!  But, their synthesized so it sounds a bit… off.  Regardless, music is music, right?  Right?!?

What makes it awesome?

You play as Michael Jackson. Don’t lie, that’s pretty damn awesome!  But not only that, you play as a ROBOT Michael Jackson.  And he shoots lasers.  I wish I could shoot lasers at enemies IN SPACE.

Tell me once again: Who's Bad?

Second, he has a BATTLE PLANE.  Yeah they forgot to mention that was chilling in the Neverland Ranch.  It was probably buried underneath the giant ferris wheel.  Celebrities get all the cool things.

     3.)     Shaq Fu

Open up a can!

What makes it crazy?

The premise of the game is crazy enough.  You’re Shaquille O’Neal the 7’1” all-star basketball player, and you’re in Tokyo for a big battle for charity.  And you’re by yourself walking around when you see a Kung Fu dojo, so you go inside.  Then, he notices you! You’re the chosen one and must defeat the evil mummy Sett-Ra to save Nezu! Since Shaq is confused by all this jibber-jabber, he goes into the portal that the dojo shows him, on his way to save Nezu.

What makes it awesome?

You’re Shaquille O’Neal, world-famous basketball player, and you fight a variety of enemies Mortal Kombat-style.  Because we all know that Shaq is secretly a Kung Fu master, this doesn’t seem to be too hard.  His secret power is probably the reason he tried MMA.

Plus, you have two epic Shaq-battles.  It’s hard to top Shaq versus the evil Beast from Dragon’s Pass, but it gets better when he fights the evil mummy Sett-Ra.  Shaq is determined to rescue the little boy Nezu, because all celebrities have to save a little child, as seen in Moonwalker.  After you defeat him, he threatens to be back, then you make it out just in time for the big game!  But, *SPOILER ALERT* Beast is there! *DUN DUN DUN*

Plot twist!

    4.)    Michael Jordan in the Windy City

What makes it crazy?

You play as Michael Jordan, and right before a big charity battle (because there has to be some sort of emotionally-gripping plotline) all of your teammates are kidnapped and hidden around the Chicago aka the Windy City.

Of course, you have to go out and save them! You go in every nook and cranny of the town trying to save your teammates so you can win the money for your charity and live happily ever after! However, you never hear anything about the game.  You can only imagine if you won or not.  I'm guessing you did, because you have special balls.

What makes it awesome?

Wherever Michael Jordan goes, he has infinite basketballs.  I don’t know why he needs that many, but he keeps a supply somewhere on his body.  Since he lacks pockets, I don’t want to know where they’re kept.

Most of the basketballs aren’t regular balls, either.  Most have a special power, such as freezing the ground or an enemy, or killing it with fire.  That would make for an interesting game of hoops in itself.  They definitely should have kept going with that.

As if that isn’t it, at the end you fight a giant robotic version of yourself, on some kind of court made of wood.  Not only does this giant robot not break the wood, but you’ve got to throw your basketballs at him to defeat him in the most intense game of hoops on a plank of wood I’ve ever seen.

But Michael...I am made of basketballs!

     5.)    Revolution X: Aerosmith

Nice shirt, Steve.

What makes it crazy?

You’re in an alternate version of 1996, where a group called New Order Nation (NON) is taking over.  They’ve gone out to control the entire youth nation, anyone between 13 and 30.  To do this, they are banning all forms of entertainment, and it’s up to you to stop them.

How do you find out?  Well, you were at an Aerosmith concert at Club X in LA when the band was kidnapped! Now, you have to go save them.  Steven Tyler tells you via video message that you need to shoot down the chopper and end NON for good, as well as save the band and all that good stuff.  So now, you have a gun for some reason and can take down NON and a helicopter, and you have to go all over the world to do this.

Accurate Band Photo

What makes it awesome?

The game revolves around Aerosmith, and it’s incredibly fun. It’s a side-scrolling rail shooter, like most arcade games are.  You’re killing everybody and everything. Throughout the game, you can look for and rescue female hostages.  Oh yeah did I mention that most of them are naked?

You’re also rescuing Aerosmith, whose music just so happens to be the soundtrack to the game.  They have a number of their hits in the game, which loop continuously.  Most importantly, Love in an Elevator has a Muzak version, and sounds like elevator music.  Awesome, right?

 The game might not have sold well, but it wouldn’t have been the same without Aerosmith.  One can only imagine the other games that could have been sequels had this sold well.

mmmbop is the weapon

     6.)     Deadly Duck
Shoot em'!

This game is both crazy and awesome for the same reasons:

You play a duck, who just so happens to have a gun in its mouth.  We all know this is true for ducks worldwide, so this should be no surprise to you. 

The object of the game is to shoot the crabs that are trying to kill you.  Their method of murder is that they would like to drop bricks on you.  How do they drop them on you?  The sky.  The crabs can fly and drop bricks while you are stuck in the water. I’m guessing you can’t fly because of the heavy gun and unlimited ammunition that is in your system.

     7.)     Sonic Blast Man (ARCADE)
Best. Superhero. Ever.

What makes it crazy?

You’re an average guy, and you want to save the woman you love.  You can only do this by turning into the greatest superhero of all-time, Sonic Blast Man!  She’s tied up on the tracks and about to get hit by a train, and it’s up to you to save her.  How do you do it? You punch a train in the face.

Right in the damn face.

With all this speed and power, couldn’t he just pick her up or untie her?  Maybe he could punch the ropes so he can fly her to safety?  No, he needs to prove that he’s a big enough dude firsthand.  I imagine she will never be able to be with another guy, unless they can do the same for her. By do the same I mean kill hundreds of innocent people with a 100 megaton punch.

After you save her, you fly away waving goodbye.  Then a message is spelled in the sky: See You Again!  What? You obviously know something she doesn’t.  It’s pretty ominous, and I almost feel bad for her until I remember how badass Sonic Blast Man is.

I bet she can't wait.

What makes it awesome?

Besides punching a train in the face, you also kill a variety of things.  You fight off a purse snatcher, for one.  That’s really nice, saving the woman you love by pounding the thief to a pulp.

After that, you get to do the following: save a baby from being hit by a truck.  But don’t just move the baby to safety, PUNCH THE TRUCK.

There’s a giant robotic crab in the water and it’s wreaking havoc on everyone! PUNCH THE CRAB.

There’s a terrorist group on a building! They have weapons and nobody can stop them! PUNCH THE BUILDING.

There’s a comet on its way to Earth, what will we do? PUNCH THE COMET INTO A MILLION PIECES.

That’s a day in the life of the greatest superhero ever.

     8.)    Muscle March
Words cannot describe...

This is a Japanese game on WiiWare for the Wii.  It’s like that game show where people have to pose in a certain body position to pass through the wall.  Only you have to catch a thief by doing bodybuilding poses to pass through the walls.

You can play as one of six characters. One is a bear, and as for the other ones, I want you to see for yourself.  Words can’t begin to describe the hilarity that this game ensues.

Just watch it:

Any of these games that you wanna try? I've played some of them but I really want to try the arcade version of Super Blast Man!  I don't think I'll try Muscle March, though.