Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sour Smog Balls Review: The Best Sour Candy on the Market!

We've all had our fair share of sour candy, whether it's a ridiculously sour challenge of seeing how long you can hold something in your mouth or just something to give you a little "shock" to your snack.  There's a new sour candy on the market by Toxic Waste Candy. We've tried their newest product, Smog Balls, and we have a lot to say about them!

Being a very serious, competitive person as a teenager, I would always look for the most extreme of something.  Whether it's the hardest video game, spiciest potato chips, or the most sour candy, I was ready and willing to take on the challenge.  Anytime I'd search the internet for the most sour candy, Toxic Waste Candy would show up.

I tried multiple kinds of their products: Hard Candies, High Voltage Gum, and Short Circuits Gum.  All of these were delicious (and deliciously sour!)  Their newest candy, Sour Smog Balls, is what will forever be known around Geek Preview as the best sour candy.

It's no wonder it won Best New Candy!
Sour Smog Balls are small, round fruity balls of crunchy candy that have a sour, chewy center.  That sure is a mouthful (pun intended!)  It combines what most of us love about candy into one little ball.

What I did first was try each separate flavor.  It's almost impossible to eat one at a time.  See that picture to the left? It's killing me to look at it and not be eating Sour Smog Balls.  In fact, it's safe to say that there is currently no other candy on the market I would rather eat.

The best part is that they can be called a random candy.  It's always a surprise as to what you're going to get.  One time I bit into a very crunch, hard candy that was super sour and the next Smog Ball was mostly chewy and fruity.  It makes eating this candy an adventure that you just have to take!

Overall, we found Sour Smog Balls so good we could not put them down. Each flavor was absolutely delicious and the perfect balance of sweet, then sour, then sweet again.  The "sour power" is perfect and lasts just long enough to make you go back for more and more and more!  This is everything a candy should be.

You can purchase Sour Smog Balls and the rest of Toxic Waste's amazing concoctions at the Toxic Waste Candy site.  You can also find Toxic Waste on Facebook or Twitter.

What's the most sour candy you've ever eaten? Will you try the amazing, drool-tastic Sour Smog Balls? Let us know below!


  1. I have to disagree..orderrd some from the website and was very disapointed..i was expecting something super sour but the only way that could happen is if i eat the whole bqg at one time..not the sourest candy!!!

  2. Oh no! Sorry you were disappointed! We felt that they were amazing! They did have different levels of sour, right?

  3. Reviews are misleading. Ridiculously Sour... not hardly! Although they have a great taste they're not very sour at all. Warheads by far trump the sour shock value then this candy.

  4. For them to be truly sour, let the sweet coating dissolve in your mouth. The super sour layer then shows up, followed by the sweet center.

  5. Are these more sour than the original Toxic Waste candies?

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